Learning about your favorite gemstones is a great way to become an educated consumer. With that knowledge, you can make better-informed decisions about the jewelry you buy. You will perfectly understand how to care for your jewelry, how to style it, and even the history and lore behind the gems. 

Peridot gemstones are known for their green color. They can also lean toward a bright yellow-green or even olive green. The green color is due to its makeup of iron and magnesium. These minerals are only found deep underground. In fact, peridot can only be formed in the molten rock of the upper mantle of the earth. The Gemological Institute of America even refers to it as an “extreme gem.”

The main two places where Shop LC sources its peridot are the Hebei province of China and San Carlos, Arizona. The Arizona strain is often more olive green in color, while the Chinese is a distinct chartreuse. In both locations, it requires extensive mining to reach the reserves. In nature, earthquakes and volcanos are some of the only forces able to bring peridot to the surface of the earth! 

Despite their intense beginnings, peridot is not one of the stronger gemstones. It has a score of only 6.5 to7 on the Mohs scale. This means it’s more susceptible to scratches and imperfections than other gems. Flawless peridot is very rare. To care for your own peridot pieces and avoid scratches, look through our gemstone care page on our website.


Perhaps due to their rarity, some of the lore around peridot states that they’re believed to increase prosperity. Throughout history, it’s been known as a gem of abundance. Whether you believe in the lore or not, there’s no harm in hoping for a little luck! 

Peridot is also thought to bring harmony to relationships. It’s a gem for lovers and is believed to help in lessening toxic feelings while increasing patience. They’re used to balance energy, as well as to stimulate rebirth and renewals. 

What better way to kick off a new beginning than with a gorgeous new peridot jewelry piece? 



aventurine peridot dangle earrings

If you like the color green, these are the earrings for you. The darker aventurine gems enhance the lighter, brighter green of the peridot. Together, the two gems just work! The overall design is rounded and smooth. It’s flowy and almost organic-looking, giving the earrings a very natural feel. The dangle feature will frame your face and draw attention to the beautiful earrings.  


arizona peridot cluster ring

This ring is a must-have ring for lovers of peridot. The cluster design is absolutely mesmerizing and is a great display of craftsmanship. The many olive-green Arizona peridots are arranged expertly, to show off the cut of each individual gem. Gorgeous and easy to style, you’ll be wearing this ring constantly. The band supporting the gems is made from platinum over sterling silver, making it durable and hypoallergenic. With care and cleaning, this exceptional ring will deliver a long-lasting sparkle. 


arizona peridot floral bracelet

Peridot is historically known as a springtime gem. This bracelet will help you understand why. It’s light and breezy, a great accessory to pair with a cute sundress. Thanks to the bypass style bangle, it’ll wrap comfortably around your wrist like vines on a wall. The design is based on intricately winding flowers and will really help you feel one with nature. This may just be your new favorite bracelet. 


peridot cluster ring

This ring also has a cluster-inspired design yet puts its own spin on it. It’s entirely unique and interesting, making it a great addition to any jewelry collection. The arrangement is beautiful. This ring would just not be the same if it were made from any other gem; the green peridot creates a natural, organic feel. The sheer number of peridots expertly included in this design is incredible. For more lavish events, try this ring. Wear it to impress. 


turquoise and peridot dangle earrings

The design of these earrings is reminiscent of planet earth itself. The mottled Mojave green turquoise and bright green peridot complement each other beautifully. Peridot was once believed to be a gift from mother earth, and these earrings will help you see why. The intertwining 14K yellow gold knotwork at the top ties the whole look together. Celestial and unique, these earrings will give you a whole new appreciation for gemstones. 


peridot sterling silver bracelet

This curling bracelet is reminiscent of an adorable flower crown. It’s crafted from sterling silver. The metal is known for its durability and hypoallergenic property. That’s not to mention the polished shiny finish! Delicate and dainty, this bracelet is finely crafted for a distinctly feminine appeal. It’s simple and minimalist. Therefore, it’ll match almost anything you pair it with. Embrace the springtime feel of peridot with this elegant bracelet. 


arizona peridot circle necklace

The design of this necklace is natural and organic, reminiscent of a ring of leaves. The peridot gives it a truly natural feel. It would be perfect worn to a winter or Christmas celebration. Paired with ruby or other red jewelry, you will really match the vibe of the season. However, don’t confine this piece to just one time. The distinct and mesmerizing design deserves to be seen! Wherever you wear this dazzling piece, you will be the star of the show. 


arizona peridot pendant necklace

If you’re really starting to love peridot, this is the necklace for you. Not only is the beautiful pendant crafted from peridot, but the chain is covered in the amazing green gems. Under the gems, the chain is made from platinum over sterling silver. That’s a highly durable and hypoallergenic metal. The pendant is reminiscent of a medallion and of ancient depictions of the sun. Feel worldly and stylish with this exquisite necklace.


peridot stud earrings

Maybe you want to go back to the basics. Maybe this is your first introduction to peridot. If you want to try out the bright green gem for the first time, then these are the earrings for you. Use them to add a minimalist drop of color to any outfit. There’s nothing wrong with simple, in fact, it just ensures you’ll be able to style them with anything. These earrings are backed in sturdy, hypoallergenic sterling silver. The ensure clasp will ensure a comfortable and solid wear. 


geometric peridot ring

The simple and geometric design of this ring is a great way to show off the gorgeous color of peridot. Adding a distinct and unique feel to the ring, each gem is custom cut. With your new knowledge of the relative frailty of peridot, you’ll understand the complex and careful cut. This ring goes with anything. You’ll be able to experiment will styling it, and maybe even pair it with other peridot jewelry!  

Look through Shop LC’s selection of peridot jewelry.

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