Likely, you’ve never heard of a purple diamond. Estimates suggest that less than one percent of all raw diamond material occurs in a natural purple color. Purple diamonds occur in many parts of the globe, but so rarely a steady supply has never been known. Despite this, Australia is the largest supplier of purple diamonds. Why is this? What makes purple diamonds so rare?

Purple diamond bangle bracelet displayed artfully.

What Makes a Diamond Purple?

Natural purple diamonds occur so infrequently that many experts are still unsure what creates their unique hue. The most popular accounts suggest that trace amounts of hydrogen create this stunning color. Most purple diamonds that do occur tend to feature strong secondary tones of pink and brown. Pure single-color stones remain frustratingly elusive.

At Shop LC, our purple diamonds undergo a proprietary enhancement process to create these mysterious and dream-like shades. Even when using a treatment to introduce color to these jewels, it’s a painfully slow process. For a single event, it can take several months to secure enough stones to meet audience demand.

Purple diamond ring with rose gold vermeil.

One hundred carats of rough diamond quickly whittle down during enhancement. After treating the material, only 40 to 50 percent will be purple. However, the stone rough still requires shaping. After the cutting and polishing process, only around 15 carats of the diamond is suitable for use in jewelry. Out of an average production lot, this means about five percent meets Shop LC quality standards. These diamonds are the required size, hue, and shape for use in affordable purple diamond jewelry.

Once complete, these enhanced stones require no special care. You simply care for them as you would any other diamond gemstone!

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