During the close of each year, the color experts at Pantone select a shade to become next year’s Color of the Year. For 2019 the subtle pink-orange hue Living Coral has been chosen. Read on to learn more about this process and practical applications of this color in your daily fashion selections!

What is the Pantone Color of the Year?

The color experts at Pantone don’t select a Color of the Year easily. It’s a careful choice, influenced by trends in culture. This will reflect elements of the fashion world, of course, but also aspects of how designers across the spectrum of society utilize color in their works. It also reflects the mood of people.

Typically, only one color is selected. Occasionally, two are chosen, such as in 2016, when Rose Quartz and Serenity were nominated as Pantone’s Color of the Year.

An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge

According to the color experts at Pantone, Living Coral is “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” This pinkish-orange hue creates a sense of warmth that encourages connectedness in an increasingly isolated digital age. Living Coral helps secure our online personas to our offline selves as we nurture the most important relationships in our lives.

What Gems Pair Best with Living Coral?

At Shop LC, there is always a lively debate around which gem best represents the Color of the Year. It might surprise you, but there is a plethora of lively pink to orange gems that encapsulate the lighthearted warmth of Living Coral.

Morganite ring in rose gold vermeil on granite stand.

After a lively debate, one gem stood head-over-shoulders from its peers. With its pink to orange-pink hue, morganite exemplifies this optimistic color. With a soft and gentle tone, morganite is perfect for creating your own sense of enchantment and wonder as you experiment with the 2019 Color of the Year.

Morganite jewelry has been an up and coming option for several years now. Despite sporadic production, morganite engagement rings are giving sapphire a run for its money in the colored stone engagement ring trend.

For lovers of rose gold everything, morganite pairs perfectly with this divisive metal choice. If you’re going all-in with pink accessories, then pink morganite jewelry might just be for you.

While morganite is treasured for its soft and feminine tone, we sometimes want something a little stronger. If you love the color of morganite but want a deeper color, then morganique quartz may be for you.

Pink morganique bracelet in vermeil rose gold.

A simulated morganite stone, morganique quartz offers two significant advantages over its natural counterpart. Morganite typically never develops a deep saturation of color, even in larger stones. Meanwhile, morganique displays the same orange-pink hue, but in an intense saturation of color.

Secondly, morganite gems typically occur in smaller sizes, with a steep increase in price for larger stones. Morganique quartz stones remain affordable no matter how large they get, and they get big, providing options for every collector. Choose a morganique quartz stone if you love the color of morganite but need to make a bold statement.

Living Coral Gemstone Honorable Mentions

Morganite might best represent the subtle color nuance of Living Coral, but consider these additional gemstones if you’re looking for a slightly more unique take on this shade. Every gem offers unique qualities that make them fun to collect, appreciate, and own!

Oregon Peach Opal

Oregon peach opal bracelet resting on red rock.

One of the strongest contenders in our office pool, Oregon peach opal is a beautiful genuine gemstone. The pink material is swirled with peachy tones evocative of freshly scooped sherbet. Originating from the Pink Lady Mine of Southern Oregon, this unique American gemstone is mined exclusively by Outlaw Rocks.

Imperial Topaz

Orange imperial topaz ring in sterling silver.

A classic gem, treasured for its rarity, imperial topaz is the gem choice for those who prefer more orangey vibrancy in their jewels. Many specimens fall into a spectrum of color that represents Living Coral, but at the same time stand apart with subtle red undertones, the result of pleochroism.

For a profoundly saturated alternative to imperial topaz, consider imperial quartz. Specially created for Shop LC, this simulated variety of imperial topaz displays the same coveted color found in its inspiration, with the advantages of deeper color and larger size.


Pink rhodochrosite cuff bracelet in sterling silver.

With a stronger pink hue, rhodochrosite strays from the ideal Living Coral color. What kept drawing us back was the captivating banding of this stone. Emulating the organic formation of coral reefs, the natural banding of rhodochrosite is a treasure you can carry with you.

Padparadscha Color Quartz

Padparadscha color quartz pendant on granite surface.

One of the rarest stones in the world is padparadscha sapphire. Named for the padmaraga flower, or sacred lotus, padparadscha sapphire only represents a fraction of sapphire mined globally. This gem, which we treasure for its rarity and unique color, is hardly found in the open market.

It just wasn’t practical to bring this stone to our audience, due to its incredible rarity. Instead, Shop LC introduced padparadscha quartz, a worthy successor to this beautiful legacy of color. Padparadscha quartz perfectly captures this pinkish-orange hue in a deep saturation of color.

How Can I Use Living Coral?

Catwalk color combinations are always great for forecasting emerging trends, and Living Coral tones were seen throughout 2019 New York Spring Fashion Week. By analyzing the emerging trends of the season, Pantone experts identify the key indicators that will influence us all season long. As the 2019 Color of the Year, expect to see Living Coral maintain a strong presence from spring to summer, and fall to winter.

Living Coral is not confined to any particular time of year. This animating hue easily appears alongside neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels, and metallics effortlessly.

Try using Living Coral as your spot color for daily wear, allowing you to stretch the use of your neutral basics, adding mileage and purpose to those essentials. Accomplish this with an item like a ring or scarf, or any other similar, easy-to-wear accessory. Consider this option as your best bet if you want only to dabble and flirt with fashion, without making a strong commitment to updating your entire wardrobe.

Living Coral in Color Palettes

The Pantone Color Institute developed five superb palettes for showcasing the affable power of Living Coral. They’re a great entry point for introducing this happy color into your daily life. Here are two of our favorites, chosen for their versatility and everyday appeal.

Focal Point

Consider the Focal Point color palette if you’re a newbie, as it likely uses a ton of colors you already own! Using small amounts of Living Coral to harmonize with neutral grays like Beluga or beiges such as Twill. For a bolder look, bring in more Living Coral color alongside the lighter neutral Storm Gray and the deep bluish green of Forest Biome.


The inspiring colors that build the Sympatico palette draw influence from our beautiful skin tones from around the globe. They perfectly demonstrate that not only is Living Coral for every skin tone but that together we harmonize in a gorgeous array of color. For a beachy feel, try pairing Living Coral along a peachy beige like Coral Sands and a khaki such as Sand.

Introducing Living Coral Quartz

Coming to you in June 2019, Shop LC is proud to introduce Living Coral Quartz! A unique triplet gemstone, this jewel perfectly captures the essence of this trend-setting color. Now, it’s easier than ever to introduce this soft and warm color to your jewelry collection.

Living Coral Quartz ring resting on wood display.

How will you incorporate Living Coral into your wardrobe throughout all of 2019?

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