Fall is here! And our focus is already shifted to what new trends are hitting the floor. With so many things going on this year, experimenting with pearl jewelry trends is a breath of fresh air.

Bringing change is never dull. A few simple tweaks offer freshness for standing out. There are many different styles available. But nothing can beat the aura, charm, and refinement of pearl jewelry. Pearls are known for ruling fashion through the decades, and the trend continues.

Sometimes, a unique pair of earrings, an eye-catching ring, or a statement necklace can help bring your “A-game.” Here are a few pearl jewelry trends you don’t want to miss!


Lucy Q Drip Collection pearl statement necklace.
Pearl necklace from the Lucy Q Drip Collection.

Neither traditional or classic, a pearl necklace will see more significance. One trend that is going to stand out is necklaces with baroque and statement sized pearls. They make a staple go-to fashion accessory for anyone. And no doubt, they go perfectly with literary anything. From casual affairs to formal meets, pearl can shower us in classy vibes instantly.


Pearl ring from Sundays Child by Chloe.
Pearl ring from Sunday’s Child by Chloe Coral Collection.

Pearl rings bring a creative feel to fall fashion with their unique design. Why? We usually don’t think of rings when considering pearl jewelry. There is always room for fun and unexpected twists when it comes to jewelry. And what better way to enjoy it than with a unique pearl ring? Joining a lunch party with your girl pack, or planning a lovely dinner with your mate? Get ready to become the talk of the town with some gorgeous pearl rings.


Baroque pearl earrings.
Baroque pearls feature irregular, organic shapes.

Want something special this fall? How about styling with a pair of baroque pearl earrings? Sometimes a pair of unique pearl earrings is all you need for a new look. They are bound to draw attention. Staying up-to-date and trendy this year is so easier than ever. Adding class to an everyday look, make no mistakes when choosing classy pear earrings.


Pearl bracelet from the Jardin Collection.
Pearl bracelet from the Jardin Collection.

Whether you choose classic rounds or baroque shapes, the pearl is here to stay. It looks excellent, whether wrapped around your neck or wrist. No matter the year, month, or week, pearl jewelry is a must-have. The epitome of femininity and delicateness, a pearl bracelet is ideal for a sleek look.

Though often thought of as stuffy formal jewelry, the reality is that pearls are always ready to take center stage in exciting new designs. Pearl jewelry is quickly become everyone’s obsession by offering modern iterations on classic trends. You can express your style and personality naturally. With so many options, the freshness of pearl jewelry never fades.

Discover a wide range of stylish pearl jewelry for fall 2020.

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