Six Fall Trends for 2017

| For many people, fall is their favorite time of year because as the weather changes new fall trends and favorites begin to appear. At Shop LC, we celebrate all the great things of fall! Here are our six favorites:


A mosaic ring and mosaic lamp.

From your home decor to your jewelry, Mosaics make a big impact this season. This pattern adds dimension to any piece you care to display.

Fallen Leaves

Dipped metal leaf earrings.

Leaves are always the first sign that fall has arrived, and Nature’s D’Or captures that with leaves overlaid in brilliant metals.


A southwestern style bangle and American flag box.

Many designers are finding inspiration from all things Americana. From turquoise and feathers to red, white and blue, pride for the USA is going to be a big hit.

Fall Classics

Opal hoop earrings, citrine dangle earrings, and a floral blanket.

Some trends are always in style, including October and November’s birthstones, opal and citrine. Then there’s our favorite trend—staying warm! Deck out your home with a blanket for every room, just in case.

Royal Blue

A watch with a blue face and blue band.

When Shop LC was invited to Zang Toi’s ‘Brilliant Royal Blue’ show during 2017’s Fall Fashion Week, we fell in love with this versatile blue color that you can wear for almost any occasion.

Gift Giving

An expansive makeup set.

With many birthdays during the autumn months and Christmas quickly approaching, fall is one of the biggest times of the year for gift giving. Great gifts can help make memories that will last a lifetime. Check out the online auctions for even more ways to save!

Indulge in the joys of fall with great trends and timeless favorites. What’s your favorite part of fall? Let us know in the comments!

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