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Far Out 60s Jewelry Trends

The 60s was a time of war, conflict, social change, political change, innovation, and experimentation. This decade was a spotlight of bright colors, bold styles, and wild patterns. Drawing heavily from the 50s for fashion cues, designs in jewelry and clothing became bold and vivid. The Do-Your-Own-Thing motto of the decade was a popular refrain for those seeking individualism.

19 60s jewelry transitioned from familiar glitzy gold jewelry to eccentric, bold creations. 21st century is resurfacing these trends into modern designs, advancing these 60s jewelry motifs and leading the fashion scene with its lasting influence today.

Creativity and ingenuity were expanding in jewelry, flourishing with creative designers. Advancements to the shape and form were on the rise, designed according to the vision of the individual, who were encouraged to express them freely.

1960s Jewelry Styles

Moving towards transformation, the 60s was the time of affordable fashion and bold styles that symbolized self-expression and freedom. The notable trends of the decade were:

Geometric Shapes

The shapes of jewelry from this era were big, bold and expressive. It gave a sculptural look to the designs. Shapes like the triangle, hexagon, square, circle and diamond were famous during this time, reviving the Art Deco look of the 1920s. These dramatic and funky geometric designs were new and made their own style statement.

Bold Designs and Color Combinations

This was the time of experimentation, which could be easily seen in jewelry trends of the 60s. Bright colors with bold designs in layered necklaces, cocktail rings and stacked bangles resonate this feeling of individuality and independence.

Colored patterns were made pompous. Sometimes patterns and color combinations were made to intentionally clash to give a bold and audacious look. This new trend was loud and fashionable, employing unusual colors like violet, peach, and teal in the jewelry to provide an elegant look.

Textured Surfaces

Gold and sparkling metals remained prevalent during the 60s. Inspired by 50s jewelry styles, designers started experimenting with new textured detailing on metal surfaces. Sleek designs with hammered or crumpled textures were far out options for jewelry lovers in this decade!

Monochrome Palette

For the perfect blend of art and fashion, jewelry in the 60s focused on a monochromatic palette that complements complex designs. Classic black and white jewelry was stylish, unique and affordable for every fashionista.

Plastic Jewelry

Carrying forward the trends of plastic pearls and Bakelite, this decade emerged with a greater appreciation for plastic jewelry. Advancements in technology and a willingness to experiment led people to come up with statement pieces made of plastic. Materials like resin, vinyl and Perspex were commonly used to manufacture jewelry. These were both eye catching and inexpensive.

Floral Patterns

Nature has always been a big inspiration for jewelry designers. The 60s was no exception. The use of affordable materials and new techniques enabled designers to incorporate floral style and intricate floral detailing in jewelry. Floral jewelry during the 60s also symbolized peace, the end of the war and a new beginning.

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