Fashion Week is finally here! It’s that time of year to see innovative trends and fresh designs walking down the runway. Sometimes Fashion Week can feel like information overload. You don’t want to be left out in the cold when it comes to fall style. Don’t worry! For the next week, we will be counting down with a new style tip each day! By the time Fashion Week is over, you’ll be a confident fashionista!

Oh, you thought we were done? Surprise! Here’s one last tip we want to leave you with before Fashion Week comes to an end!

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Go big or go home this fall. Chunky necklaces look stunning on simple tops. Bold arm candy looks fabulous as the foundation piece of your bracelet stack.  Rings that take up more than one finger are making an impression, and we love it! The combinations are endless! Check out our bracelet guide and necklace guide to get tips on incorporating bold and beautiful pieces!

Everyone knows that rules are meant to be broken, and the fashion world is no exception! It’s time to throw away any misgivings on fashion rules that you’ve held onto in the past. Here’s a list of new trends that defy the rules. Don’t be afraid. Embrace the change!
Pastels in the Fall
The fall season isn’t restricted to earth tones and dark colors anymore. Definitely look out for softer hues this season. Pastel shades are mellow and delicate, yet they still provide enough color for a stylish effect.  The perfect way to transition this trend from Fashion Week to your closet is by investing in pastel scarves or totes. Check out our handbag collection for great finds!
Black and Brown
This might be a shocking revelation to some of you, but black and brown actually go together quite well! The perfect example is a pair of black jeans and brown riding boots. Don’t just work up the courage to break this rule for the fall though. We encourage you to wear black with brown all year long. We promise you won’t regret it!
White after Labor Day
You’re dying to wear your favorite pair of white pants, but Labor Day was a week ago. Should you listen to the fashion cardinal rule and not wear them? Of course not! White in the fall and winter is chic and modern. Just keep in mind which fabric you decide to wear. Lighter textiles like cotton and linen look out of place during cold weather. Instead, reach for white wool, cashmere, mohair, silk and leather.
Mixing Metals
In the past, people shuddered when they saw gold and silver together. Now we see celebrities and fashion authorities adorning themselves with everything that shimmers. The key to this trend is to make it look deliberate instead of random. Do this by stacking bracelets in varying widths and shades of gold and silver. You can apply this to rings as well. If you’re really feeling really bold, toss in some rose gold!
Mixing Real and Faux
Costume jewelry and faux diamonds were once tacky and gaudy, but now pieces look almost identical to the real thing. Mix them up with your real collection to add depth and texture to your style. This tip applies to fur and leather as well!
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Bracelet stacking is an easy and fun way to make a major statement with your jewelry collection. It’s especially useful when you decide to keep your neckline bare while wearing certain outfits. There are three elements that every bracelet stack should have: a foundation piece, texture pieces and complementary pieces. 
Check out our Bracelet Guide to discover more information on how to accomplish a fashionably cohesive stack. If you need more bracelets to diversify your arm candy, make sure to check out our abundant Fashion Week collection!

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Animal prints won’t be a stranger to the runway during Fashion Week. Don’t let the models have all the fun! Incorporate exotic details into your wardrobe like snake print high heels or ostrich print handbags. In our Snake Print blog post we reveal stylish ways to integrate this trend into your fall look. What animal print do you look forward to adding to your closet?

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With new styles popping up like daisies, make sure your hands don’t miss out on all the fun! There’s no better way to ring in the new season than with rings. Midi rings and knuckle rings are definitely something to look out for during Fashion Week. Unfamiliar with these new designs? Discover more unique and innovative rings in our New Norm blog post!


This is a good rule of thumb for people who are barely getting out the door on time. How many times do you forego putting on jewelry because you just don’t have enough time? When you have only minutes to spare in the morning, it’s hard to justify putting on anything other than essential clothing. We are telling you that earrings are worth it! Even though it may seem like a small addition, it makes a big difference to your look. Check out our Rising Auctionto find earrings starting out at just $1!!! 

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Accessoriesare critical to every outfit. The right embellishments are what can turn a plain look into a polished look. The key is to not look like you’re trying too hard. When you have too many clashing accessories, your look can seem overcrowded and unorganized. Instead, try to build flexibility into your wardrobe by getting accessories that look good with more than one outfit. You’ll be able to wear your new favorite trends without going overboard!
Necklacesare a fantastic way to embellish your look with class. Check out our Necklace Guide for more tips on which designs look better on certain necklines. Stay tuned for our next Fall Fashion Week trend, which will be revealed at midnight CT. Get in the know by subscribing to our blog in the upper right area!

Check back at midnight for another style tip!

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