With the summer in full swing, we embark into the wonderful season full
of pool parties, beach excursions, festival line-ups and hot summer nights.

With the help of the LC’s new lifestyle connection and a few basics,
you’ll be the brightest sunflower with the most pollen in your pocket.


Summer Shades
The perfect way to show off your fashionista style, while spending days out in the summer sun, is with our exclusive J Francis Collection of sunglasses, available only at LC. With plenty of sizzling styles to choose from, you’ll look fantastic no matter how you spend your summer days!
Bag Swag
Fashionable functionality is key during the heat waves, so stay cool and show off some “Bag Swag” with our shoulder, slouch, and tote bags, a sure-fire way to coordinate your summer style! Floral prints, bright colors, and tropical flavors from the LC Lifestyle Connection will have you styling and profiling with all of your daily summer ensembles.

Check out our exclusive Lifestyle Connection Bags at www.liquidationchannel.com

Wrist Candy
Complete your summer ensemble with some delicious wrist candy that you’ll only find at LC. Show off that summer flair and bring a little attention to the wrist, by adding designer inspired bangles, stretch bracelets, and our Strada collection of watches. This summer, take a risk with your wrist.

Check out some sizzling accessories at www.liquidationchannel.com



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