Shop Smarter with Fast Buy and Budget Pay

| You already know Shop LC is the best place to find low cost jewelry, accessories, and more. But did you know about Fast Buy and BudgetPay? These easy-to-use tools will elevate your shopping to a whole new level when buying online, by phone, or through the Shop LC mobile app. Read on and learn how to take advantage of these features for yourself!

Fast Buy: Gain the Shopping Advantage

Woman ordering online with credit card.
So, who is the not-you? The not-you is the person that has the same likes and dislikes you have when it comes to traveling, restaurants, clothes, and jewelry. They are you, but not. And, they always seem to have the upper hand at getting what you want.

At Shop LC, to help you gain the advantage over the not-you, we’ve introduced Fast Buy. Fast Buy is the fast and easy way to get stunning pieces of jewelry or the latest fashion accessories before the not-yous get to it.

Setting up Fast Buy is quick and easy. Just click on the Fast Buy button that appears in the category or product page. Our system will then prompt you to activate Fast Buy if you haven’t already. Simply take a few seconds to safely and securely enter your information and verify that you want to enable Fast Buy.

Once Fast Buy is activated you can quickly purchase any item on the site without having to go through the process of entering your billing information over and over again. More importantly, you can now get to what you want before the not-you gets it!

If you ever decide that Fast Buy is no longer for you, you can turn in off anytime by accessing it in the Fast Buy Settings in your account.

BudgetPay: Stretch Your Dollars and Shop More

Woman shopping online through a tablet.
Congratulations! You have decided to take on a debt diet and get your finances in order. You’ve poured over a budget, and every dollar is now accounted for, and life is great.
That is, of course, until you stumble upon the perfect pair of shoes, a cute summer top or that necklace that would make your entire evening wear radiate.
While Shop LC can’t help with what you love, when it comes to stretching your dollar, we got your back.

To help shoppers on a budget, Shop LC provides BudgetPay. BudgetPay is a new way of purchasing our already low-cost jewelry by breaking the cost down into installments over three months instead of a one-time payment up front. Did we mention that there’s also no charge and no interest?!
Setting up BugetPay is much easier than creating a budget.
While shopping, items with BudgetPay will show the BudgetPay icon. Many of your favorite ShopLC items from the web and television already have BudgetPay enabled. Unfortunately, online auctions aren’t applicable for BudgetPay. You can even consult our Personal Shoppers for more BudgetPay options!

Once you’ve decided what to purchase, add the item to your cart and proceed to the checkout page. In the price column, select the BudgetPay option and proceed to the next step of the checkout process. You also have the option of using BudgetPay when ordering an eligible item through the automated ordering phone system.

Put in your billing information from there, and the online or automated ordering system will take care of the rest. Please note that your first payment will be slightly higher because it includes shipping and taxes if applicable. Your next two installments will appear 30 days and 60 days, respectively, after your first installment.

You can also pay off the remaining balance at any time during the 90 days BudgetPay is active. Got more questions? Consult our BudgetPay FAQ for help.