Let’s just admit it. Finding cool Father’s Day gifts is tough. For many, it’s a tough code to crack. What do guys want? As a dad myself, maybe I can help set the record straight. Talking with my fellow dads, what most of us want is to know you’re thinking about us. It doesn’t matter what you get, just that you’re thinking of us when you make or buy our gift.

With that in mind, we’ve curated a fun selection of Father’s Day gifts under $10. It’s a cross section of men’s jewelry that should appeal to many guys out there. Knowing what you do about dad, we’re sure you can find something amazing that he is sure to love.


Okay, but not really. I just wanted to make a dated dad joke. This blue tungsten band is still a pretty cool choice. Tungsten is an incredibly popular choice for men’s rings, due to its durability. Tungsten is among the hardest wearing metals, making it ideal for daily wear jewelry.

Blue tungsten band ring with brushed finish.

This simple metal band features beveled edges, adding just a touch of sophistication. With a blue anodized finish, this is an option that works well in casual or business environments. And, with a comfortable fit, it’s a ring he’ll want to wear all the time!


For an edgier look, try out this stylish bullet pendant. Solid stainless steel construction makes for a piece that resists everything life through his way.

Stainless steel bullet pendant.

Accented with a fierce bird of prey, this bullet pendant has a trick up its sleeve. Unscrew the pendant from the bail to reveal a secret compartment! Perfect for stashing a secret note or other small object, it’s a great way to add a touch of mystery to his gift.


Stacking men’s bracelets is a major trend in menswear and sees no sign of bowing out. Perfect for dressing up a casual look, it only takes couple of cool bracelets.

Lula Dharma hematite bead bracelet.

Lula Dharma offers a fun and collectable range of men’s bracelets. Made from genuine gemstones, they provide a rugged, masculine feel to any ensemble. Hematite is our recommendation, as this gunmetal gem works great with most clothing styles.


A minimal accessory can speak volumes. Sometimes, all we need is a small accent for elevating a simple t-shirt and denim combo. Something like this steel rope bracelet.

Stainless steel rope bracelet.

Stainless steel is tough enough to wear every day, and it provides a satisfying heft. When you wear steel, you confidently know it’s not going anywhere. Woven rope links provide a texture that looks great, and the lobster clap makes it easy to put on or take off.


For an elegant look that won’t break the bank, we suggest this gold plated steel ring. Ion plating is a long lasting finish that bonds the steel to its finish. Designed for years of wear, it’s a great choice for jewelry.

Gold plated men's ring with wood inlay.

BlackJack jewelry has always offered effortlessly cool jewelry options, and this is one of the most stylish and cool Father’s Day gifts we’ve seen. An inlay of wood creates a sophisticated a stylish finish to create a contemporary classic.


Your dad doesn’t need to be a Navy or Coast Guard vet to appreciate this charming anchor necklace. Anchors have been a long and enduring choice in faith jewelry – especially for men.

Stainless steel anchor pendant.

Anchors remind us to stand firm. While a ship might float and bob in the water, the anchor secures it safely. So too does an anchor remind us how our faith keeps in connected to what matters – our family and loved ones.


Leather is an amazing material, durable and rugged, it’s an enduring masculine symbol. Leather is also stylish, and a great accent to our favorite outfits.

Woven black leather bracelet with steel accents.

This leather and steel bracelet uses layers of leather bands, both straight and woven, to build up an easy-to-wear look. Stainless steel accents add points of visual interest for a delightful textured piece.


Pendants are big right now. Especially dog tags. Broad and bold, they range from minimal to minutely detailed. We feel this dog tag pendant falls in the latter side of things.

Stainless steel dog tag pendant necklace with Austrian crystal accents.

At the center of this steel pendant is a stylized cross, accented with a sparkling Austrian crystal. A Greek key border adds fun texture, and extra rows of crystal makes for a dazzling piece. This 20 inch necklace is also easy to wear with a lobster claw clasp.

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