Spring is officially here. So, it’s time to get your wardrobe ready for festival season. Whether you prefer a tribal look, contemporary style, or a mix of both; it’s essential to have jewelry that complements the festive look and mood.

This season set the bar high by focusing on statement jewelry that syncs impressively with current trends. Or you can develop your own signature style using some creativity. Be the ultimate in carefree cool by mixing and matching your favorites.

Combine wearability with surprise to stand out. Think about how to dress and what to wear for outdoor music festivals. Even though it’s going be hot and maybe a bit dirty, how can you still look your best for photo ops for your Instagram Stories? Read on to reveal the magic.


Woman in white top and denim shorts against roses.

When it comes to outdoor concerts and events, ensure that you go for jewelry that’s chic, comfy and classy. Ditch those shiny outfits and take out the denim shorts and a chic white off-shoulder top to beat the heat. For the traditional touch, try adding a sterling silver necklace, cuff, and a ring. Any pair of sunglasses can partner with this look perfectly. Check out these summer tips for keeping fresh when the weather heats up!


Woman wearing blue dress and sitting on steps.

While you’re all set to create your next Instagram Story, rock the music festival with outstanding style. Like white, blue is also an excellent choice for the hot daytime. Go simple with a blue dress. Pair your outfit with beaded jewelry. Try an aqua gemstone to complement your blue colored dress for a refreshing appearance. You can also mix and match other colors, as beaded jewelry is perfect for colorful and fun looks!


Woman in Bohemian outfit relaxing in plush, wild grass.

Unique and bold, the Bohemian look brings the perfect festival vibes. It’s a great style to carry if you love colors, patterns, and unique motifs. Bohemian or tribal jewelry, paired with a bohemian outfit, and topped with a denim jacket is sure to add oomph to your appearance. So, whether you are taking a group selfie or capturing some lone pose, this look is sure to impress.


Woman in yellow dress and wide brim hat exploring carnival on the beach.

Colors are always fascinating! When your next concert or event is on the beach, makeover your look with a punch of colorful. Choose an outfit with a bright color like orange that elevates your mood from okay to wow. For extra flavor, try incorporating peacock feather jewelry. A pair of earrings and a gorgeous headband is all you need to start.


As you are getting excited to head outside and experience great music, good food, and the company of friends and positive vibes? Share your look with us in the comments below.

For more core Spring looks, check out this guide.

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