We’ve always been connected to the heavens, as long as we’ve been gazing at the stars. Many of us take comfort in the possibilities offered by them, believing they can help us determine our fate or make the right choices in our lives. Our zodiac sign is something many of us feel connected to because it makes us feel understood. To show off pride in your sign, seek out our cancer zodiac jewelry!

Cancers are said  to be nurturing, emotionally adept, and intuitive, as well as moody and unforgiving. They’re known for their complex and layered personalities, and moods that shift like the tide. Considering the emotional depths often associated with this sign, it makes sense that Cancer is an elemental water sign. While occasionally being complicated, you can count on Cancers to be caring, protective, and warm, and to do everything they can to safeguard those they love.

Cancer season is upon us, which might mean change, as well as a strawberry full moon lighting up the night sky! Celebrate with these five handpicked Cancer zodiac jewelry pieces. Or, learn more about gemstones for Cancer.



Sterling silver Cancer zodiac pendant.

This minimalist necklace is the perfect versatile piece to match any outfit. Pair it with a tee-shirt and jeans or with a dark, elegant dress for a night out on the town. Its design is simple and to the point; it says “I’m a Cancer” without being too gaudy or loud. Yet, its shiny platinum finish will be sure to catch eyes. It’s durable as well as hypoallergenic: sure to last you a long time without causing an issue.


Rose gold crab necklace.

You don’t even have to be a Cancer to appreciate this cute and quirky necklace! It features a 7.5-inch sterling silver chain and adorable crab pendant studded with blue and white diamonds. Cancers, animal-lovers, and anyone who enjoys slightly unusual fashion will be sure to get a kick out of this piece. Buy it for yourself, the Cancer in your life, your little niece who loves the ocean; it’s sure to be a winner with everyone! All the while, you’ll know that it’s celebrating the most caring out of all the zodiacs.


Sterling silver Cancer zodiac ring.

This captivating ring was expertly crafted for the Cancer aligned people in your life. Match it with other rings to create an interesting and intricate look or show it off all on its own; this, too, is a versatile piece, so you don’t have to worry about getting your money’s worth. It is expertly crafted, so it’s sure to be comfortable, smooth, and very sturdy.


Sterling silver crab earrings.

These stud earrings are comfortable on the ear and are sure to deliver a lasting shine. They’re expertly crafted out of sterling silver – built to be comfortable and to last. They’re unique in their design; featuring a cute little crab for each ear. Match them with our other Cancer zodiac jewelry, or rock them all on their own! Charm your friends and family with these playful little earrings.


Gold vermeil crag dangle earrings.

These striking earrings are finished with yellow gold vermeil and are sure to look great with any warm toned outfit. Like Cancers themselves, they are unique, interesting, and warm. They feature a short chain, a crab with gemstone eyes, and a shining polished finish on each earring. Celebrate being a cancer or show off your Cancer-like tendencies by gifting these earrings to someone you care about!

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