Giuseppe Perez is an Italian jewelry line that Shop LC is proud to carry. The line is named for Giuseppe Perez, a traditional Italian jewelry designer with longstanding family ties to the jewelry business. He founded the prestigious line to celebrate his love for intricate jewelry designs.

Giuseppe Perez Garden Collection ring.

Giuseppe “Pippo” Perez has long been managing GP. Recently, Pippo passed away and left his line in the capable hands of his daughter, Gaia Perez.

Sharing the same understanding of quality and appreciation for fine jewelry, Gaia is now the lead designer for Giuseppe Perez. She’s been deemed a key figure in the next generation of Italian inspired designers.

Recently, she’s been working hard maintaining the family legacy of crafting exquisite jewelry, and now will be releasing five exciting new jewelry collections.


Live Every Hour Like It’s Happy Hour

Giuseppe Perez Happy Hour ring.

This collection is modeled after the time of day where we can relax and let our hair down! Gaia Perez was inspired by the feeling of relieving stress and being with friends; the relief that comes with getting off of work and away from tension.

Each piece in this collection is based off a choice cocktail, selected for their iconic looks and flavors.


You Don’t Need a Green Thumb to Show Off These Flowers

Giuseppe Perez rose ring.

As the name suggests, this collection is meant to embody Italian gardens and their many marvelous flowers. Gaia was inspired by the beauty of nature. Not just the flowers, but the iridescent insects, archways and interspersed architecture, and curling vines. Some pieces are even modeled after fruits, such as oranges and lemons.

One look, and you’ll feel transported to the warm and sprawling Italian countryside.


What Better Way to Celebrate the Return of the Roaring 20s

Giuseppe Perez Art Deco inspired ring.

Gaia’s Art Deco Collection is a love letter to the fashion and architecture of the 20s, 30s, and 40s. At that time, the design world saw lots of influence from geometric patterns and shapes. Triangles, trapezoids, and sun-shaped motifs were all common, as well as bold colors and streamlined shapes. Gaia hopes to memorialize the women of the time period as well, who strove for equality as well as for style.

Several of the pieces are styled after artworks by the art deco painter Tamara de Lempicka.


Have the Universe at Your Fingertips

Giuseppe Perez celestial sun pendant.

Long shown in jewelry and other artwork, the moon and stars are depicted here in an all-new light. Gaia conveys the vastness of the universe with these beautiful pieces. She believes that, from the heavens, our past loved ones are always watching over us. To illustrate that feeling, the pieces in this collection feel warm and comforting. Rather than feeling far away, the moon and stars are with you in these jewelry pieces.

Gaia also shows the symbolism connected to the moon and stars. Wisdom, intuition, and female energy; divine guidance, protection, truth and hope.


Live Colorfully

Giuseppe Perez green enamel ring with green gemstone.

This line is a love letter to joy and happier times. After the grayness and monotony of life during the pandemic, Gaia wanted to celebrate new beginnings, excitement, and change. She did that by modeling the pieces in this collection after the colors of the rainbow, signifying the rainbow after the rain. Each color piece embodies a different feeling, showing us how color can affect our lives.

Gaia has studied the science of color and examined the ways that color can influence people’s psychology.

Join us July 21 and discover these amazing new collections!
In the meantime, find Giuseppe Perez jewelry at Shop LC.

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