Get carried away this summer with the most important accessory of all! Because it is used so frequently, finding the right purse is critical! It carries all of those day-to-day valuables such as that lip balm you can only find at one beauty store in town or those cute sunglasses you have to have to complete your summer outfit. It’s always smart to have a variety of purses to use for several occasions and different seasons. Generally, a summer purse tends to be larger and more casual than a winter or fall purse. You have to choose one with enough storage space and style. Here are four of our favorite bags for this summer, but don’t hesitate to add your own personal touch!


Simple Satchel Bags

Blue, brown and black satchel bag for women.

A shoulder bag is the most common type of purse, but it doesn’t mean yours has to be! The satchel is the perfect type of shoulder bag for the summer. They are very lightweight and the long straps make it easier to go hands free for those busy weekdays. Because of its popularity, almost every brand offers a satchel in different designs. You can’t go wrong with this bag, but our favorites are satchels in bright colors (that shouldn’t come as a surprise!) and in earth tones for that boho chic style that’s trending this summer.

Adorable Tote Bags 

Set of three cream, imperial red, and stripe pattern tote bags for women.

A trendy tote is a must-have bag this season because summer activities require a lot of things to keep up with. Having a large bag to carry things in makes you look put-together and organized when you are on the go. They come in a range of medium to large sizes and a variety of fabric. They are designed to be carried by hand so they usually have two small straps. The large opening allows you to carry around pretty much any summer essential! We recommend adding a classic neutral tote, a colorful tote, and a striped tote to your closet this summer.

Back to Fun with Backpacks

Set of three orange, cream and white backpacks for women.

Classes are out and summer is in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport a stylish backpack. This style of bag is definitely a must. It’s like the classic school bag had a chic makeover. They are very casual and unstructured (just like the summer time!). The backpack is such an appropriate style because it’s effortless and makes it easy to lug around everything but your kitchen sink. A bright orange backpack can add sizzle to any outfit. Leather and neutral-colored ones are also a classic for the season.

Keep a Clutch Close at Hand

Set of three orange, black and envelope pattern clutch for women.

The clutch is our smallest pick for our summer bag list, but don’t underestimate its size. An essentials-only clutch is perfect for nights out on the town. There is just enough room for your credit card, ID, cell phone and even one of your favorite makeup items. We recommend having at least one bright colored clutch to compliment your summer outfits. A classic black clutch is a must-have for those formal occasions. Plus, they pair so well with a little black dress! If you’re the type that needs a little more room, an extra large clutch will give you plenty of space. Buy one with studs or sequins to make it really stand out.


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