It’s just as important to watch the streets for the biggest trends, as it is to watch the runways of Fashion Week. Spring’s banner trend carried into fall with fringe on everything. At the moment, it doesn’t seem like there’s a city where the fashion crowd isn’t wearing this trend!
Fringe made its rounds on hemlines and handbags, now it’s continued on to entire outfits, causing a fantastic effect with every appearance. Whether you’re an intimidated beginner or a daring fashionista, we are here to give you tips on this statement-making trend!

Outfits with fringe are the kinds of high impact looks you just don’t forget. For that reason, if you’re a fringe newbie, start with your accessories. It doesn’t have to be big. Even a fringed tassel like the one on these handbags can have an effect on your whole outfit.

If you want to step it up a notch, find a cute hobo bag with fringed layers. It adds zest to anything else you wear with it! 

Fringed accessories aren’t just for casual occasions. Add more dimension to a polished style with a fringed clutch. You will definitely not go unnoticed (in a good way) at your next shindig.

Handbags aren’t the only accessories that you can use to show off this stylish trend. Switch out your normal statement necklace for one with fringes. Classic neckwear gets even better with the fringe treatment. Check out this particularly delightful necklace for inspiration.

Since the weather is cooling down, now is the perfect time to incorporate this trend into your fall ensemble. Add fringe to the hemline of a coat or jacket for subtle detail.

A scarfis the perfect way to test out a new trend. Instead of fully committing to fringe, easily test the waters with something similar to this stylish scarf.
If you’re looking to take this trend to the next level, try on a skirt with a fringed hemline. Keep the rest of the outfit sophisticated and understated by pairing your skirt with a simple buttoned up shirt and pumps. If there ever was a skirt made for twirling, this is it!

If you really want to go on a fringe binge, swap out your leather jacket for one with much more texture. Anyone with a taste for artistry will appreciate the edgy fringes on this jacket.

Another bold option that gives you the full fringe effect, is a fringed top that moves when you walk. This statement fringe top makes such an impact that you don’t need to wear any other statement piece.

Now that you’ve had your fringe fix, you can rock this stylish trend with confidence and flair. It’s really about making sure that all of the other parts of your outfit aren’t as big of a statement as the fringe piece. Check out more fall trends in our Fashion Week post!

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