Discover The Bible Pearl™ and More

Are you ready for something truly special and unique? Galatea: Jewelry by Artist is coming to Shop LC! Galatea of San Dimas was founded by Chi Huynh. With an uncompromising artistic vision guiding him, Huynh is creating some of the most beautiful and unusual jewelry seen in the world today. These collections rely upon pearls, gems, and technology for transformation, using the company’s own special patented and proprietary process.

The Bible Pearl Cultured Pearl Ring.

Amit Agarwal, Shop LC President, explains it best, “Our Shop LC family loves us for the rare gemstones and unique products we offer. And few things are more unique than exquisite pearls, expertly carved into precious jewelry! For these reasons, we’re proud to offer Galatea: Jewelry by Artist creations to our viewers.”

One unique offering you can expect to see is The Bible Pearl™ jewelry collection. Can you believe that the entire Bible is housed inside? Here’s how it’s done. Powered by Momento Technology and the Galatea Jewelry App, The Bible Pearl™ contains a small chip that can store personal audio, video or written messages. All of this is packed into a pearl no bigger than a centimeter!

The Bible Pearl pendant featuring golden cultured pearl.

Galatea’s founder, Chi Huynh, is the mastermind behind this artistic marvel. Chi and his team developed the Galatea Jewelry App that allows people to record personal audio, video or written messages that the recipient can access by simply tapping the pearl against a smartphone. Besides housing the entire Holy Bible, this jewelry collection also contains the full-length move, “The Jesus Film.”

“Our patented technology empowers people to enhance the meaning of their jewelry. We believe The Bible Pearl™ Collection will be treasured by many, not just for its beauty, but for how it can build a person’s faith and devotion.” said Chi Huynh, owner of Galatea Jewelry.

The Bible Pearl™ Collection launches at Shop LC with cream, peacock, and golden cultured pearl options in both ring and pendants.

Galatea: Jewelry by Artist will premiere on August 16, Noon to 4PM CT. Watch live on Shop LC!

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