Introducing Galatea Pearl Jewelry

Are you ready for a jewelry creation that is truly special and unique? Galatea: Jewelry by Artist is coming to Shop LC! These creations are the pinnacle of jewelry craft. Each combines elegant pearls and genuine gemstones with proprietary technology to produce breathtaking jewelry creations you won’t see anywhere else. Galatea Pearl is the original carved pearl jewelry.

Galatea: Jewelry by Artist carved pearl ring with turquoise nucleus.

Pearls are the Story of Love

When an oyster swallows a grain of sand it feels discomfort. So, in an effort to ease its pain it begins applying a coat of nacre, the material that creates a pearl. During this healing process a beautiful pearl is born!

Isn’t it ironic that something so beautiful can be created from so much discomfort? It is a metaphor for life. Love comes easily during good times, but we need courage to love through times of discomfort. The gemstone or diamond represents the grain of sand and the pearl evokes an aura of courage, love, and healing that is embedded deep within the soul. It is this unique transformation that has given birth to “Galatea Pearl,” the symbol of love.

Galatea: Jewelry by Artist carved pearl floral ring.

The Galatea Pearl Process

The Galatea Pearl is the world’s only cultured pearl with a brilliant colored stone center, hand carved to let the gem’s color shine through. The Galatea Pearl is truly rare, the result of a unique cutting process that begins with a bead nucleus of R.C. turquoise, synthetic opal and colored gems. The bead nucleus is inserted into the oyster and the mollusk is gently placed back into the sea, where it will coat the bead with nacre (pearl) over 22 months. After harvesting, these rare cultured pearls are carved by hand. This sculpting of the pearl allows the color to be seen beneath the nacre. Galatea Pearls are then set into jewelry. It is an honor to share this magnificent and rare pearl jewelry with you.

Galatea: Jewelry by Artist Diamond in a Pearl pendant necklace.

Pearls without Boundaries

At Galatea, the act of carving a pearl is about more than just creating a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is about unleashing the creative spirit and in doing so, creating a symbol of originality and individualism. Galatea Carved Pearls are truly “pearls without boundaries,” created for those who wish to be free, to see beyond the obvious and wear something beautiful and unique.

Introducing the DavinChi Cut

‘Be a mirror, absorb everything around you and still remain the same.’

Chi Huynh, the creator of Galatea and the inventor of the DavinChi Collection, says that he was inspired by the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci when he designed this incredible, patented colored gemstone jewelry. “I will always remember da Vinci said, ‘Be a mirror, absorb everything around you and still remain the same.’ This ideal was my inspiration for the DavinChi Cut. It is a new gemstone cut which has the ability to absorb colors, light or images into the gem from its surroundings. This magical illusion makes the gem change colors when viewed from different angles and different points of view. There is a wonderful depth of field within the gem, which has a sense of liveliness, with a constantly changing sense of color and texture.”

Galatea: Jewelry by Artist DavinChi Cut pendant necklace.

The Bible Pearl™ Collection

A first of its kind, the Bible Pearl is a wearable piece of art that has the grace and wisdom of God’s Word embedded in a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry.  Each pearl jewelry item has the technology placed inside of the pearl.

Galatea: Jewelry by Artist The Bible Pearl solitaire ring.

With just a tap of the pearl to your cell phone, your pearl opens the pages of the Old and New Testaments, providing the full Biblical texts along with original voice recordings. The Daily Audio Bible and a full-length film about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is inside of the pearl. Carry your favorite Psalms, The Letters of St. Paul, and teachings of Jesus with you wherever you go. Explore areas of the Bible you’ve never read before; wake up with a carefully-selected blend of readings to inspire you throughout the day.

However you choose to interact with the Bible, know that it’s always there with you, nestled within one of God’s purest expressions of natural beauty, a pearl. Prior to giving The Bible Pearl to a loved one, you can place a personalized message into the pearl conveying your thoughts and feelings as to why you are presenting this gift. When the pearl is touched to your smart phone, your voice message is heard by your loved one. They will be surprised and pleased to hear your loving words. After hearing the message from you, the Audio Bible will then come alive each and every day.

Galatea: Jewelry by Artist will premiere on August 16, Noon to 4PM CT. Watch live on Shop LC!

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