Galentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone

Since 2010, Galentine’s Day is celebrated as the time to commemorate platonic love and girl power. So, what is Galentine’s Day Galentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your friends and yourself! Unlike Valentine’s Day where you’re celebrating with your significant other, Galentine’s Day is universally adored and can be celebrated by anyone and everyone regardless of relationship status. Show yourself and your friends some love this February 13th with these fun Galentine’s Day gifts. ShopLC has a line of exclusive, low-cost rings that will help you find your friend’s next go-to jewelry piece.


Why Rose Gold?

Rose gold has come and gone in style for the last hundred year. Traditionally, it is an alloy of gold with added copper for a warm blush tone. When yellow gold started to feel too gaudy and flashy, many elites would rock rose gold as an alternative. However, it eventually went out of style again.

Flash forward to today, where everything is in rose gold. In fact, when major gadget companies begin selling their electronics in a limited edition rose gold color, it’s solid proof that rose gold color has taken over the 21st Century. But why the craze?

People love rose gold because it transcends gender boundaries, and feels classy yet peaceful. Looking at anything rose gold is said to make a person feel calmer, which is an ideal way to unwind in this increasingly hectic world.

Why should you get it for yourself?

Rose gold goes with everything and is for everyone. What makes rose gold unique is that it has a cool warmth, complementing anyone’s skin tone. On cooler skin tones, rose gold brings back subtle warmth. On warmer skin tones, the cool element of rose gold prevents skin from looking too orange.

It’s the color of girl power –  fierce yet feminine. These pinkish hues evoke a girly vibe while remaining edgy and pairs well with black. It also feels formal, as rose gold items are associated with luxury. However, it’s still somehow casual. The list just goes on and on!

Wear rose gold every day as a tangible symbol of a promise to love and take care of yourself.

Natural pink diamond criss-cross ring in 14K rose gold.

Stuck with which ring to gift yourself? Try going for a cross-cross ring with pink diamonds! The pink diamonds add a very girly vibe to a ring by adding a subtle glow, but the crisscross feature contrasts the pink diamond by adding edge to the piece. The duality between these extremes makes this ring a great daily wear ring that goes with all outfits, regardless of how you are feeling that day. Plus, the crisscross feature adds a slimming illusion to your finger!


Why is the heart a love symbol?

Since the 13th century, the human heart was thought to process a human’s love. In fact, legend says that the human heart is the person’s book of memories. Early Romantic French poetry started the idea that you could “give your heart to someone” as a metaphor for being in love with someone else.

The origin of the heart shape symbol has continuously been challenged. Some say that the heart shape came from ivy leaves, as the leaves represented fidelity and loyalty. Others say that the heart is inspired by silphium – an early form of a medicinal plant that was heavily harvested during the 13th century. It is believed to be an effective cough syrup and served as the world’s first birth control. Therefore, silphium became the symbol of physical love.

The most common lore is that the heart comes from human anatomy. While some say the heart comes from the general silhouette of breasts and buttocks, the more popular origin story is that human heart inspired the heart symbol. If the heart is correctly cut open, it looks like the traditional heart symbol.

Why should you get this for your squad?

The heart is delicate, feminine and universally accepted as the symbol of love. You can match all of your friends with a heart-shaped ring to show your never ending solidarity. The ring is a perfect daily piece to show girl power.

Minimalistic heart-shaped ring in sterling silver.

Chances are you already have a diverse group of friends that range from super feminine to not so much, so try finding some monotone rings like this – where it is simple enough to please everyone. Silver is an elegant color, matching any girl’s aesthetics.


Don’t forget to include your guy friends in the fun. We all have or know someone who will eventually have a bridesman, or even a man of honor, to be part of the bridesmaid squad. However, we recognize that it may be hard to find the perfect ring for a guy (without it looking like a wedding band).

White sterling silver men's ring with barbwire motif.

If he is new to wearing rings, try going for a casual sterling silver band ring. Sterling silver survives most wear and tear, and silver goes with everything in his closet. Plus, the simple details in the design makes this every guy’s dream as it is not “too feminine” nor “too plain.”


Significance of Flowers

Floriography, or the language of flowers, has been a fascination across many cultures for centuries. However, since the origin of flower-giving was only through the tradition of orally passing stories, the beginning of the flower giving tradition has been very fuzzy. In Western cultures, flowers were often paired with ivy to represent a man’s fidelity to a woman. In East Asian cultures, pink cherry blossom flowers were often given to welcome a new year.

However, everyone around the world can agree that giving flowers is extremely sentimental and emotionally impactful!

Why is floral jewelry perfect for your sister?

Flowers are often given to show love to the recipient. Flowers are also given to prove that you appreciate and respect them, whether it is romantic, platonic, or even familial love. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day themed accessory that would encompass your appreciation for them. Flowers often mean youth, perfect for those in your same generation.

Floral ring with blue tanzanite in sterling silver.

If you are stuck on giving floral jewelry to your fashionista sister, try giving them a floral statement ring instead! The blue-violet stone will match with a lot of their spring closet. The silver offsets the purple, and makes them look strong yet feminine.



Like flowers, the importance of pearls transcends culture. Pearls are associated with wisdom acquired through experience. In Asian culture, pearls are believed to attract wealth, luck and prosperity. There, it was believed that a pearl is from the mighty dragon. The different colors of pearls represent many things, making them great for Galentine’s Day gifts.

  • Blue: Love
  • Black or Gold: Monetary wealth
  • Pink: Success, fame, luck
  • Brown: Masculinity, dependability
  • White: Innocence, beauty, purity

Why are pearls perfect for your mom?

Pearls often showcase a woman’s elegance, grace, and maturity. They are a statement piece without being too wacky or intimidating, as pearls are effortless in pairing with outfits. Giving a woman a pearl ring is simple, yet thoughtful. It’s an excellent spin on the traditionall pearl necklace, without being too out of character.

Brown Tahitian pearl solitaire ring in sterling silver.

If you are scared of giving a dated white pearl ring, try gifting her a unique dark pearl instead. The dark pearl could bring a sense of edge, making the piece more youthful. However, the fine detail on the band still showcases an elegance that is perfect for any mature woman.

The fundamental importance of celebrating Galentine’s Day is to celebrate non-romantic love, an often-overlooked type of love. A jewelry piece is a perfect way to give people a tangible and durable reminder that you love and support them.

So, what Galentine’s Day gifts are you giving? Let us know in the comments!

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