Gemstone Trends for Summer, Fall, and All Year Long

One thing we noticed about 2017’s gemstone trends is that most are refreshes of classic beauties we’ve loved for years. This year’s trends are all about earthy tones and muted hues that make pairing easy and never go out of style. This is a refreshing change for anyone who’s looking for something new but wants a look that’s going to last.

Here are some of our favorite gemstone trends this year:

Iridescent stones are one of the most popular gemstone trends for 2017.


Unassuming stones that surprise with every turn!
At one angle, iridescent gemstones may look like your ordinary opaque stones, but as soon as a flash of light hits them they radiate with a kaleidoscope of colors you won’t expect.
Where to find it:
Rainbow Moonstone
Welo Opal
White Opal
Boulder Opal

Blush pinks are a gemstone trend being reinterpreted for a new age.

Blush Pinks

A soft, pastel shade with a touch of feminine beauty.
Everywhere you turn these days, there’s a designer praising the name ‘millennial pink’. While blush pinks are reminiscent of one of the most popular colors at the turn of the century, this version has a touch of tongue-and-cheek. They’re aware of our by-gone styles and are here to do it better than ever.
Where to find it:
Rose Quartz
Peruvian Pink Opal
Pink Tourmaline
Marropino Morganite

Next generation turquoise offers intriguing options as a top gemstone trend.

Next Generation Turquoise

The color you love in refreshing new gemstones.
Likely the boldest color in our collection, the turquoise has been a fan-favorite of the Southwest for decades. Now you can look mean in blue-green in a number of different gemstones that each bring a unique twist as next generation turquoise.
Where to find it:


Of all gemstone trends, Greenery is the one to watch!


Named 2017’s Color of the Year, this shade is one of the hottest trends!
Each year, a certain company picks a color that represents the state of the world at that time. With technology ever changing and the world in a head-spin, Greenery is the perfect color to take us back to our roots.
Where to find it:
Canadian Ammolite


gemstone trends - Classic and stylish, black beauties have a home in every collection.

Black Beauties

Chic and mysterious, these dark stones add a touch of drama.
Everyone knows a little black dress is a must in every wardrobe. The same can be said about a little black gemstone since these black beauties can be worn at almost any event, occasion, or time of year. Flattering on any skin tone and with any look, black stones are a staple for any collection.
Where to find it:
Black Jade
Black Tourmaline

Don't be afraid to mix and match metals! Metallics are here to stay.


Mixing metals is faux pas no more!
Gone are the days when you would be ridiculed for wearing more than one metal, mixing and matching metals is now considered chic. Pair various metallics for a unique look all your own.
Where to find it:
Stainless Steel


Colorless crystals offer a fresh take on a popular gemstone trend.

Colorless Crystals

Classic without color, these timeless stones add sparkle and shine to any look.
Colorless crystals will dress up any look without distraction. Bright and bold, or soft and sweet. No matter what your clothes are saying, these clear stones will dress up any look without distraction.
Where to find it:
Clear Quartz


Last but not least!

Warm tones like amber are one of our favorite gemstone trends.

Warm Tones

Get in touch with nature with warm tones reminiscent of earth.
Dark oranges and beautiful browns complete this collection. Adding often-ignored warm tones to your outfit will give your look something unique without making you feel like you’re shouting “I’m different!” from the mountaintops.
Where to find it:
Baltic Amber
Smoky Quartz


Wear these trends with pride, and you’ll soon be your social circles go-to for all things fresh and new. Online auctions offer a great way to discover these and many more exciting gemstones!

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