Jewelry has always been the best way to express yourself, even through a decade of self-expression. The 1970s witnessed a ton of new styles and options influenced by the non-Western cultures gaining popularity with the changing times.

Back in the 1970s jewelry was already a staple for women, but men were also beginning to collect jewelry as their enthusiasm grew. Their selection of jewelry included pieces made of beads and puka shell. It was quite a hot trend at the time. Let’s peek into the stylish jewelry pieces that defined 1970s jewelry fashion.

The seventies were all over the map, be it fashion, culture, or politics. The time has come when it is stepping back into the present after so many decades. 70s style is already in contemporary jewelry, and its style is iconic!

Vintage necklace with amber beads.

During this decade diamonds had fallen out of favor; instead, it was all about sculpted, gleaming and polished metal. The iconic decade of 70s fashion combines many style directions – ethnic, classical, romantic, folk, hippie, sports, military, safari, disco, unisex, and punk.

This fashion was dictated by fashionistas or style icons, but instead by the individual. During this decade fashion was individual. Check out these distinct looks popular among 70s women.

70s Jewelry Styles

The fundamental concept of this decade was “Antifashion.” It implies that wearing anything or following any style statement would be appreciable. The condition here was to look abnormal as well as support the trend of essential clothing and jewelry.

Love Beads

The beginning of the 1970s continued the hippie look. When tie-dye shirts, Mexican ‘peasant’ blouses, folk-embroidered Hungarian blouses, ponchos, capes, bell-bottoms, gauchos, frayed jeans, midi skirts, and ankle-length maxi dresses were fashionable, accessories played a traditional role in offering an outstanding look.

Accessories included chokers, handcrafted neck ornaments, dog collars, and accessories made from materials like stone, wood, shell, feathers, leather, and Indian beads.

Vintage necklace on a chain. Bijouterie.

Gold Jewelry

While the hippie look was hot, some people preferred to be glamorous. When pastels were quite popular, some accessories were praised for their charisma and appearance. Sparkling gold chains, shining gold-button earrings, and shimmering rhinestone clips were significant add-ons to these glamour-filled ensembles.

Mood Rings

A trendy way to be cool, mood rings supposedly told how you felt or what you are experiencing by changing color. These rings were very appealing and had a large following.

Pusset Earrings

Made of white or yellow gold with a diamond, silver with transparent gemstones such as topaz, or a high-quality bijouterie with transparent crystal, Pusset earrings is a stylized piece of jewelry that offers a touch of glamour to casual looks.

Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces gives a charismatic effect and has a charm of its own. Mixing up different styles, materials, and types of accessories created magnetism for the same. Read our necklace layering guide for more tips and tricks.

Vintage filigree clips.

Artifact Bracelets

Characterized by a variety of shapes and sizes, these bracelets mainly were mainly large and wide. Large statement cuffs and thick bangles were famous among folks and made use of good materials like gold and silver.

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