Symbol of Hospitality and Wealth

Throughout history, we celebrate the pineapple as a symbol of wealth and hospitality. Originating in South America, we know that the Mayans and Aztecs cultivated this fruit, and that it eventually reached Central America and the Caribbean Islands. Eventually, the fruit made its way to Europe, and aristocrats competed to produce the best pineapples. Instead of enjoying this delicious food, these pineapples were displayed as a status symbol. Today, we enjoy pineapple year-round. Nowadays, October is widely regarded as Pineapple Month. And, what better way to have fun than with some whimsical pineapple jewelry?


It’s a Pineapple Party!

Silver pineapple pendant and earrings set.

With finishes in silvertone, rosetone, and goldtone, this pineapple jewelry set offers a great selection. A generously sized pineapple pendant can be the focal point of your next outfit for a casual backyard gettogether. The lengthy 30-inch chain is great for wearing alone, or layering with some other cute necklaces. And, the pineapple earrings are great for completing the look, or just wearing on their own!

Gold pineapple necklace.

Or, if you want something glitzy, it’s hard to go wrong with this gold pineapple pendant! From the Whimsical Collection, this pineapple necklace is adorned with simulated diamonds and has a 14K yellow gold finish. It’s the perfect hostess necklace for when you want to project an aura of warmth and hospitality.

Welcome yourself to a fun selection of pineapple jewelry!

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