Teaming Up to Make a Difference

It’s that time of year! The perfect time for hot cocoa and wrapping paper, but that’s not the best part. As part of Delivering Joy, let’s learn what the Shop LC Social Works Committee has been up to in the Greater Austin Area this season!

Volunteers help prepare meals at the Baca Center.

Being a member, this is the busiest year ever for the Social Works Committee. We had a lot of amazing opportunities to volunteer for our local community, and I’m excited to see what 2020 brings! Our main event during the holidays was hosting a party at the Baca Center and adopting three families for Blue Santa.

Shop LC Volunteers at the Baca Center

Being an official partner of Success High School, an at-risk youth high school, we were invited to team up and host a lunch party at the Baca Center in Round Rock. The Baca Center is a senior center that frequently hosts programs and events for adults over 50. We held a dinner party with Success High School’s internal sorority group and served a Christmas dinner to 150 seniors.

Seniors enjoying a holiday meal at the Baca Center of Round Rock.

Not only did we serve dinner, but we also provided Shop LC blankets and totes for each attendant. Great times were had with piano music and Christmas carols. It was a great opportunity, and it’s always a pleasure to volunteer with Success High School.

Delivering Joy with Blue Santa

This year was the first time that we decided to adopt not one, but three families for Christmas. The committee agreed that we would adopt three families for Austin’s Blue Santa program because we wanted to make sure that we ended 2019 with a bang. We also invited each family to visit Shop LC.

Families Shop LC helped sponsor through Austin Blue Santa.

The families consisted of young mothers and grandparents, all with young children (and one on the way). We had conversations with each family to learn how we could make their Christmas great. In addition to gift cards, personalized Christmas baskets were presented to each family. Items from their wish list included plush animals for each of the children, needed household items, and bedding.

We’re always trying to find ways to give back to our community. Both events were wonderful, and I’m excited to see how we can top things next year!

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