Saving the planet is a priority, and one we can’t ignore. Therefore, it’s important we each do our part. Thankfully, days like Global Recycling Day help provide a reminder of how important it is for us to make better decisions when it comes to recycling.

Most of our resources are finite. Once they are gone, they’re gone! Oil, gas, coal, and minerals. They are building blocks which help our society function. It would be hard to survive without them.

However, they are running out. If we are careless about it, we’ll be in big trouble. What do we do? It’s important that we consider replacements, and the billions of tons of trash we dump in landfills each year.

The simple solution is recycling.

After all, we want to leave behind a greener planet for our kids and grandkids.



A newer event, Global Recycling Day was created in 2018. It happens on March 18. This day helps us recognize the importance that recycling plays in conserving our natural resources. It’s a day for us to come together and put the planet first!  

For 2022, the theme is #RecyclingHeroes. This year recognizes and celebrates the contributions these people make to recycling. They are regular people like you and I who want to create a more environmentally stable planet for us all.


There are some interesting things to know about recycling, and its impact on the planet. Here are some statistics to consider, courtesy of the Global Recycling Foundation.

  • Recycling saves over 700 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • About 1.6 million people are employed in processing recyclables.
  • Austria recycles about 63% of its used products yearly.
  • Humanity has been melting, and remelting metal since 700 BCE!
  • In 2017, we used a year’s supply of natural resources in seven months.
  • 91% of plastic that is created is not recycled.
  • Aluminum can be recycled and back on shelves in just two months!


Shop LC is finding ways to improve our approach every day.

For instance, most of our jewelry is made in our Platinum LEED Certified factories in Jaipur. Most energy for production comes from sustainable solar sources. Water from the production is recycled during the process. Just from the production of RHAPSODY jewelry, the water saved is about equal to the amount a Texas resident uses in two and a half weeks!

In addition, Shop LC is building a new green headquarters in Cedar Park, Texas. Our new site is being designed with sustainability in mind. So, not only will be bring jobs to our community, it will also make it a better place to live!

In October 2021, Shop LC had its first E-Cycle event.  We partnered with local e-waste recycler R3 E-Waste to collect electronics from both employees and the company.

In total, we stopped about two hundred pounds of monitors, printers, batteries, and cables from going to a landfill. 

This is great! Why? According to the EPA, e-waste is the fastest growing municipal waste stream in America. E-waster represents only 2% of trash in landfills but is responsible for 70% of overall toxic waste!

It is estimated that 40% of heavy metals in American landfills comes from e-waste. When not properly disposed of, materials eventually leak into the food cycle and water sources. They become very difficult if not impossible to remove, further contaminating us as we eat and drink. 

Shop LC is doing its part to curb this cycle. From March 5 to March 18 of 2023, the Shop LC team is once again collecting appliances and e-waste for recycling.


The United States Census Bureau estimates that about 32% of us recycle. It’s a 7% increase since 1960. But we can do better! It’s not hard to start, and there are many benefits to participating in a local program.

Recycling lets some materials get reused multiple time. It’s easy, and great for the environment. It helps reduce the energy we use. It can even improve the quality of our air and water! By recycling, we can even help combat climate change.

Recycling can also reduce the need for new materials when making products. But what can you recycle? Well, paper, plastic – like plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and boxes from food like cereal are all great places to start!

Deciding to recycle is just the first step. You also have to recycle correctly. Thankfully, the EPA has some great recycling tips for you to follow. It’s a great way to make sure you are setting yourself on the right path to recycling in a responsible and efficient manner.

Learn more about #RecyclingHeroes and Global Recycling Day.

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