With the Big Game just around the corner, it’s time to buckle down. My team never makes to Game Day (except in our fantasy league), but I still love having a party that day – it’s tradition! Another tradition that I secretly admire are championship rings. These large men’s rings might be gaudy as all get out, but I sure wouldn’t turn one down. With that in mind, here are some gold men’s rings that will make you feel like a champ!


These large men’s rings have a history as rich and complex as the tense, nail-biting games that we all enjoy. But the origins are very humble.

In 1967, when the first of these football rings were minted, it was a very simple affair. Cast in yellow gold, these rings were set with single, one-carat round diamonds.

Today, most rings carry on this tradition, and yellow gold remains a top choice. However, some teams are venturing into options like white gold or even platinum. Diamonds are the most popular stones for these big men’s rings.  The design and manufacturing process usually take from 4 to 6 months.

The league covers part of this cost, with previous reports indicating $5000 per ring, up to 150 rings. Individual franchises shore up any remaining cost. 

To complicate things, many franchises create tiers of rings. The best quality goes to players and coaches, with lower tiers trickling down to support staff. These rings might use simulated diamonds or cheaper metals. 

Experts have estimated that modern rings tend to hover around 5 million for a full production set. Assuming for only the 150 that the league helps cover, this would mean individual rings are around $33000 each.


Diamonds are the single most used stone is championship rings. In particular, the marquis shape is popular, since it looks like a football! Still, most rings rely on the tried-and-true round diamond.

Geometric diamond ring in yellow gold.

What I like about this particular big men’s ring is its layout. Nice larger stones are precision set in a grid, with a rectangular halo of accents at the perimeter of the ring. Even the shank sneaks in some extra bling. This is a ring I would wear myself, or give to my dad. I think it makes for a handsome signature piece.


If you follow football, then you know why we’re going with red for this choice. And while diamonds remain a top choice, corundum is increasing in popularity.

Gold ruby ring with zircon accents.

Red corundum, otherwise known as ruby, is one of the most popular colored gems. Of all the gold men’s rings on this list, I appreciate the sense of movement conveyed in this piece. The catercorner rows are straight from the playbook of elegant design. Zircon accents and a beveled shank create rich texture for a worthy choice.


Traditionally, yellow gold is the choice for rings worn by the champs of the Big Game. However, recent years have seen that tradition bucked. History is written by the victors, after all! At first blush, rose gold may not feel like your first choice when selecting a gold men’s rings, but check this out. If you’ve been following men’s jewelry trends, you’ll see that rose gold is on the rise, especially with Millennials and Gen Z.

Champagne diamond rose gold ring for men.

Champagne diamonds from mines like Argyle are a premium choice. They continue to be a favored option after white stones. With a golden tone, they complement perfectly with the warm hue of rose gold. This is a ring that transitions excellently from business casual to after hours. I’d love to dress up a moto jacket and jeans with a ring like this.


A lot of guys might hesitate with diving into jewelry collecting. After all, it’s easy to see why. With so many options for big men’s rings, where do you start? Well, let’s talk about that.

Simple broad diamond ring in yellow gold for men.

If you’re looking for a fun and simple starter ring, I really like this diamond men’s ring. With a minimal pairing of stunning white diamonds and yellow gold, it is a great choice. It you’re already wearing a wedding band; this piece complements your off hand very well. The ring adds an icy touch that draws attention, but isn’t overly bold. Let this ring be your starter on the field.


2020 sure did have its ups and downs. But, it left many of us energized to make 2021 an amazing year! And, sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder to keep us on the right path.

Golden compass ring with black stone accent.

Few gold men’s rings capture this spirit of adventure as well as this compass ring. Nautical motifs are felt throughout the piece, starting with the solitaire spinel at the center. Rays emanate from here, reminding us to never lose our way. A coil of rope completes the border, while anchors weigh down the shank for a grounded feel. While feeling simple at first look, there is a subtlety at play as deep as the ocean.


We already know that the early rings featured a single solitaire diamond, which is why I like this ring. Polki diamonds are something unique that we don’t often see. With rugged appeal, it’s easy to see why many appreciate the rough natural beauty of the stone.

Polki diamond yellow fold ring for men.

The gem is set high at the peak, a bold choice that really puts the diamond front-and-center. The diamond is bezel set for security, making this option a really great choice for casual wear. A simple band completes the minimalistic look, making this one of the better daily wear choices among gold men’s rings. I’d wear it with a dark graphic tee, denim jacket, and jeans.


For a delicious pop of color, turquoise is one of the most popular choices. Personally, I love turquoise for its rustic feel. It carries a quality that makes you feel connected to the earth. And Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is one of the rarest and most sought-after kinds. That definitely adds an extra touch of clout.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise ring in gold for men.

The generous three carat turquoise stone takes center stage in this ring, drawing immediate attention. Zircon accents add a cool, icy touch. Strategically placed, they do double duty by adding glints of fire across. The beveled steps of the shank really create an interesting sense of texture, making this turquoise men’s ring an outstanding choice for any occasion.


As you’re searching large men’s rings for your very own treasure, consider this. Do you want a piece to show off every day, or something for only special occasions? There are plenty of ways to express yourself through jewelry, and there’s never a wrong choice – as long as it feel right to you.

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