Gold is the most popular precious metal around! For centuries, we’ve adorned ourselves in this glittering metal. But what are the best gold trends 2022?

Speaking with manufacturing experts and watching the runways has tipped us off to some of the most exciting gold jewelry trends to watch for this year.

These are your top gold tips to try! Which will be your favorite?



This spring 80s-inspired oversized chains are being used as statement making jewelry pieces. Wear them solo, or layer with something completely different, like a dainty chain.

OTTOMAN TREASURE 10K Yellow Gold Fancy Necklace 20 Inches 11 Grams

This matinee-style fancy gold necklace fits the bill perfectly. Uniquely constructed links create a fun, funky vibe that lends a terrific versatility to the piece. Dress down for edgy rocker look by pairing with white tee and denim – don’t forget the moto jacket!

Or polish your favorite formal look by adding this eye-catching chain. The drape is perfect for any button-down ensemble, whether it’s business casual or something a bit fancier.


Big and bold gold rings are a major accessory this season. Instead of multiple dainty rings, thick gold bands and glitzy cocktail rings are dominating spring and summer wardrobes.

LUXORO 14K Rose Gold AAA Marropino Morganite and Diamond G-H I2 Ring 3.15 Grams 10.00 ctw

Bold in gold? You bet! We love this morganite and rose gold cocktail ring for its pink perfection! It’s a statement making piece that might just become someone’s signature accessory. Maybe yours?

Peachy pink morganite carries a powerful feminine energy. It inspires confidence and class with no extra sass. A halo of diamonds are ready to crown this queen for a royally good time.


Already a jewelry staple for many, hoop earrings are here to stay! Instead of plain hoops, 2022 is seeing different sizes and widths making an appearance, while pairing with other earrings.

LUXORO 10K Yellow Gold Earrings 2 Grams

Hoop earrings are heading to new spaces as we embrace a hopeful 2022. Textures and stones are finding a new home, as seen in these hoops. Organic textures create a lively sense of movement in these earrings.

Easily at home with your next casual outfit, those with multiple piercings will have fun stacking them with contrasting choices like gemmy studs. In addition, the subtle design makes for a tasteful choice for your next meeting.


Along with chunky chains, elongated rectangular chains and paperclip chains are emerging as a popular trend. Perfect for dressing from the shoulders up on your next Zoom call!

No need to raid mom’s disco jewelry box! Grab your own rad rectangle chain. Falling between a collar and choker fit, the chain creates a strong look when worn with a complementary collar.

Or, trying layering with a longer opera or rope-style necklace for a fun, sophisticated look.


Minimalism is on the way out this, and taking its place is maximalism. Why wear just one bracelet? Why not a wrist full? Maximalism emphasizes layering multiple pieces and going all out!

OTTOMAN TREASURE 10K Yellow Gold Oversized Curb Bracelet (7.50 In) 12 Grams

As Texans, we might be partial to the concept of “go big or go home.” But for anyone striving for a maximal look, it’s hard to go wrong with this oversized curb bracelet.

It’s the perfect base to add EVEN MORE. You can let loose your imagination as you stack on bracelets and bangles of all types and textures. Everything’s bigger in Texas, and bracelets are no exception!


Are you ready for your very own lucky day? Pot of Gold Savings are heading to Shop LC. And just in time! This limited offer will help you build your own bucket of gold jewelry.

While supplies last, every purchase made on March 9, 2022, will include a special scratch card. By scratching the card, a special lucky code is revealed! What kinds of codes can you expect? You’ll have to try your luck on March ninth to find out!

Thankfully, no four-leaf clovers are required. Just watch, shop, and save like normal.


It’s said that every rainbow leads to a pot of gold. And, after the Pot of Gold Savings are over, there’s the Gold Smackdown! Tune in on March 19 for some incredible gold jewelry that any leprechaun will love.

Estimate suggest that up to 90% of the world’s gold supply has been mined since the epic California Gold Rush. But that doesn’t mean you need to hurry! Shop LC is poised to bring you the best savings on genuine gold jewelry.

Are you ready to discover the allure and luxury of gold jewelry? Then it might be time to discover LUXORO! LUXORO is a modern line of precious jewelry with designs in 10K and 14K gold. Not to mention genuine gemstones!

Each piece is fashioned with aspiration, style, and affordability in mind. LUXORO invites you to discover the allure and indulgence of gold.

Estimates suggest that 49% of all mined gold is made into jewelry. Why not start your own collection of precious gold jewelry today? With these gold trends 2022 tips, it’s easy to start!

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