Affordable Graded Diamond Earrings are Her Chance to Shine

Gemstones trends come and go, but diamond jewelry is here to stay. Few gems have captured the mystique and mystery of budding romance as diamonds have. Diamond earrings are an excellent gift for your sweetheart, no matter the occasion. If you don’t have this versatile piece in your collection already, now’s your chance to grab your very own pair of graded diamond earrings!

What is a Graded Diamond?

Round diamond earrings in 14k yellow gold.

0.50ct Diamond Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold

Diamonds and other gemstones have four separate factors to consider when determining overall value. Taken together, they are known as the “4C’s.” These diamond quality factors all play their part to help define the glittering jewel you hold in your hand.

Color: With colorless diamonds, color is the most important factor in determining value. In the case of a transparent stone, Color represents how much yellow is visible within the gem. A subtle difference in color can affect a diamond’s value. Two diamonds with similar clarity, carat weight, and cut can be miles apart in terms of value based on color alone. However, when it comes to fancy color diamonds, they are typically light in tone and low in saturation. The rarest and most valuable colors are saturated red, pink, blue, and green.

Clarity: The measure of optical effects is Clarity. It considers any internal flaws, known as inclusions, that could affect the value of the stone. Inclusions are the unique fingerprint that indicates that a diamond is genuine. With fancy color diamonds, color plays a significant role. Even a good amount of inclusions and lower clarity are preferred by jewelry lovers if the diamond shows attractive face-up color. However, it is also true that inclusions lower down the value of a fancy color diamond significantly.

Cut: A diamond’s shape and faceting are very important in determining value. The more precise the job, the more potential for value a stone possesses. With diamonds, the round brilliant is the most popular modern cut, though there is much more! In terms of fancy color diamonds, the size and shape are two factors of cut that can influence the gemstone color. The large size of a diamond or its deep pavilion can often lead to a richer, more saturated color. Certain cutting styles also intensify the color of the diamond, such as the radiant cut. This enhancement in color increases the price per carat. Fancy color diamonds are available in a variety of shapes such as standard round, pear, baguette and cushion.

Carat: Related to Cut, Carat is the overall weight of the stone. Diamonds typically see sharp increases in value at quarter, half, and full Carat increments. It’s the cutter’s art to achieve a delicate balance between a pleasing Cut and healthy Carat weight. Just like colorless diamonds, large fancy color diamonds are rarer and more valuable compared to small ones.

Why Choose Graded Diamond Earrings?

Round brilliant diamond earrings in 14 carat gold.

1.00ct Diamond Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold

Diamonds are one of, if not the most popular gemstone in today’s market. For centuries, various methods of expressing their value have come into and fallen out of favor. In the mid-20th century, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) established the 4C’s of grading diamonds. They quickly spread to become the definitive diamond language of the modern industry.

When you purchase a graded diamond, you’re using the most common gemstone grading language to define your treasure. It provides you, the buyer, the means to knowledgeably purchase stones that you’ll love. By understanding how the 4C’s determine the value of your graded diamond earrings, it’s easy to know what you’re getting. And when you purchase your diamond jewelry from Shop LC, it’s easy to see how you’re enjoying everyday Low cost.

Colored Diamond Earrings for Her

Diamonds today are no longer limited to the league of colorless gemstones. As the times have changed, jewelry lovers have accepted the beauty and charm of colored diamonds. Today’s fashion runways adore jewelry with diamonds exuding colorful sparkles. A pair of earrings with fancy color diamonds are perfect to add a pop of color to any look.

As earrings with dazzling fancy color diamonds are gaining popularity, we’re sure that you’ll want to secure for your very own. Shop LC offers a wide range of earrings in a variety of fancy color diamond, such as:

Blue Diamond: This variety of fancy diamond is cherished for its dazzling teal to true-blue hues.

Red Diamond: This type of fancy color diamond is loved for its medium to dark red shades.

Pink Diamond: This dazzling gemstone is admired for displaying a color ranges from candy floss pink to rich cherry jam hues.

Purple Diamond: The royal purple hues of this fancy color diamond makes everyone fall in love.

Champagne Diamond: This enchanting gem exudes intense golden color with brownish tones that demand attention.

So, if you’re planning for diamond earrings as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or “just because,” don’t miss your chance at Delivering Joy!

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