Shop LC Crafts Jewelry with Green Practices and Techniques in Jaipur

| Shop LC understands the importance of preserving our beautiful planet. That’s why, on January 29th, 2015, we laid the foundation stone of a new jewelry manufacturing facility in Jaipur, India. In addition to ethically sourcing gemstones with our vendor partners, we strive to develop sustainable manufacturing practices. It’s important to leave clean air and water behind for future generations. By December of that same year, our commitment was fulfilled with the inauguration of the new facility in “the Pink City.”

The new green jewelry manufacturing facility in Jaipur.

The facility employs over 3000 employees.

What is the Indian Green Building Council?

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) provides facility certification, ensuring that operations adhere to or surpasses the best practices of the industry. The IGBC is composed of a committee of industry professionals, academics, and other experts that determine certification requirements.

The IGBC judges on several parameters, including:

  • Site Selection and Planning
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Conservation
  • Material Conservation
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Occupational Health
  • Innovation in Design

The state-of-the-art green building stands tall in one of the Special Economic Zones. These zones facilitate economic growth by creating jobs, encouraging infrastructure growth, and promoting the exports of goods.

What Makes it a Green Facility?

Solar panels collect supplemental energy.

Solar panels supplement energy needs of the facility.

The new building increases the productivity of manufacturing and efficiency of the resources used. Simply put, this reduces our impact on the planet when compared to traditional manufacturing processes.

The first certified green jewelry manufacturing facility in India, it utilizes solar energy and other resource conservation techniques to reduce its environmental footprint. This clean energy powers a full LED lighting system, further reducing costs when compared to traditional lighting solutions. Also, natural light funnels through the facility through custom skylights, providing much of the illumination needed for daily operations.

Able to seat a manufacturing workforce of over 1600, aligned departments can now more closely interact. Proximity reduces transportation costs between facilities, a longtime cost driver in manufacturing. Each stage of production is intelligently planned, ensuring a smooth transition during crafting.

The new premises was the first jewelry factory to earn a Gold Rating in certified green practices from the Indian Green Building Council. A Gold Rating means that the facility meets standards of national excellence.

How is Green Jewelry Made?

At our new facility in the Special Economic Zone of Jaipur, India, over 3000 employees work at designing and crafting our jewelry. Included among their ranks are designers, manufacturers, and quality control. They all strive to bring you the best jewelry at a low cost. Through the power of our manufacturing process, you can see this in action.


Woman manufacturing jewelry.

Artisans undergo extensive training before entering production.

The facility has a special training department. Every person receives thorough training, for almost a year, before they start producing jewelry. This ensures that pieces are of the highest quality, and a delight each time you receive your order.


The designing team utilizes state-of-the-art design techniques to plan the jewelry as they bring these stories to life each day. Seventy artists and designers collaborate on exploring exciting and fresh designs for your consideration.

Molding and Crafting

Worker displays a wax tree for jewelry molding.

Wax trees are used to cast jewelry in metal.

Before casting jewelry in precious metal, jewelry undergoes molding in wax. Working pieces must meet near-perfection standards before placing in the mold. Craftspeople form these wax pieces into trees. The wax trees are surrounded by a material to form around the shape of the wax. Next, They then mold jewelry by pouring molten metal into the tree. The wax melts away, leaving only the metal behind.

Lastly, workers remove freshly cast jewelry from the mold, removing any imperfections before setting it with gemstones.

Quality Control

Quality is everyone’s job! Finally, every piece must pass through quality inspections before shipment to Shop LC. A multi-level process ensures that only the highest quality pieces make their way to your door.

Group photo of the facility team.

Delivering joy, 365/24/7!

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In the end, as a proud recipient of the first jewelry factory with a Gold Rating in green practices, Shop LC strives to protect the environment while Delivering Joy.


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