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Halloween Safety Ideas for a Screaming Good Time

As we find ourselves in a new normal, celebrating the holidays with our families is more important than ever. In a year where the threat of coronavirus dominates, may are left wondering what to do. It’s a legitimate concern – how to keep our kids safe while limiting possible exposure to the virus? And now Halloween is around the corner. Well, don’t worry. You’ve come knocking on the right door. Here are some tricks for celebrating Halloween that are a treat to use!

Tricks for safer trick-or-treating

For nearly every child, trick-or-treating is the quintessential Halloween activity. After all, who doesn’t love dressing up in a fun costume and getting candy? However, trick-or-treating requires its own special, er, tricks for staying safer this season. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the following. shared some extra tips for kids getting candy. Be sure to check out their fact-checked Halloween safety guide!

Choosing a safer costume

When it comes to masks, it’s recommended that you wear a mask while enjoying this spooky holiday. Why not make the mask part of your costume? Just keep in mind, masks that come with children’s costumes are not a substitute for a good cloth mask. And, don’t layer a costume mask over a cloth mask. It could restrict airflow and make it hard to breath. Whatever mask you choose to wear, make sure your child can breathe freely and see clearly.

Final spooky thoughts

Lastly, why not try virtual Halloween events this year, like a costume content with friends? Or, your family can carve jack-o’-lanterns and have a scary movie marathon! Maybe have a Halloween treat hunt with flashlights through the house? No matter how you slice it, you can have a screaming good time.

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