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3 Handbag Trends for Spring 2020 You Need Right Now

Woman posing with Signare handbag on nighttime street.

Signare handbags draw inspiration from the woven art form of tapestries.

Are You Ready for These Handbag Trends for Spring?

While the weather might be getting colder, before you know it, things will heat up again. And while we’re dreaming of warmer weather ahead, leave it to the runways to inspire us with these handbag trends for spring! Ranging from retro florals to extra-large bags, there’s something for everyone. So, while you’re planning for the holidays, consider gifting these styles and give you or someone special a new look for next year!

Vintage-inspired Florals

Let’s face it, florals are synonymous with spring, and these lovely flower patterns always make their way to the latest spring handbags. For Spring 2020, vintage floral designs are where it’s at! Perfect for a polished, classic look, these retro patterns are a great way to showcase your dressed-up side. But if you just can’t wait, get more tips and tricks for wearing florals all year.

Florals don’t get more vintage than Strawberry Thief by William Morris!

Extra Large Totes

In a larger-than-life world, sizing up is always an option. And here in Texas, you have to go big or go home! So, it’s no wonder that a spacious tote bag is going to become one of your spring must-haves. Perfect for packing all your essentials (and then some!), we predict spacious tote bags are going to be everywhere. Whether you’re running errands or prepping for the pool, a tote bag is pretty much essential.

Capture your own night of fun with this Starry Night tote.

Woven and Natural

Spring is about new life, and one Spring 2020 bag trend that really excites us are woven textures. Often paired with natural fibers, this look is about adding depth by using the detail found in these unique loomed looks.

Multi-colored triangles create a captivating design with the subtle texture from woven craftsmanship.

Brands like Signare shine in this space. This British lifestyle brand offers an entire range of stylish handbags brimming with detail. Inspired by the classic storytelling of tapestries, each bag delightfully reproduces details in original designs, but also those of classic art!

Tapestries are a unique medium that captures shape, form, color, and texture. By doing so, they suspend these images in fabric for all time. It’s no wonder this art form is as fresh today as it was centuries ago.

Capture your piece of timeless art with Signare handbags direct from Shop LC. Watch Shop LC on November 21, 2019, to get your very own. 

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What handbag trends for spring excite you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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