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Health Tips for Going Outside and Returning to Work

Several states are taking steps to reopen, but the risk of coronavirus remains. With that in mind, Shop LC reached out to healthcare professionals for some insight and advice into staying safe and healthy. Dr. Sanul Corrielus, Dr. Leann Poston, and Dr. Lina Velikova all provided tips on best practices for staying safer when we need to leave our homes.

As always, the response to COVID-19 is continuing to evolve, so be sure to follow any local guidelines in your area.

Practicing Overall Wellness

Dr. Sanul Corrielus, of Corrielus Cardiology, advocates for a holistic balance of mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Corrielus explains, “If we think of the body as the vessel that carries us from one point to the next, our primary focus needs to be on keeping the vessel well.”

“We understand that the presence of an inflammatory milieu precipitated by chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, COPD, heart disease and obesity causes the vessel to be more susceptible to infection, particularly the coronavirus infection. The latest research has shown that having precursors or risk factors for chronic conditions like stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, and lack of sleep are also significant contributors to inflammation and are strongly associated with a higher predisposition to the coronavirus infection.”

As a result, Dr. Corrielus recommends a comprehensive and integrated approach to maintaining health and wellness. This includes healthy eating, with more green vegetables. Also, 10 to 15 minutes of daily cardio exercise per day is great. Finally, he suggests practicing meditation and getting good, regular sleep.

Tips for Wearing Face Masks

Besides caring for ourselves, it’s also essential to practice good behavior in public.

“We need to follow well regimented universal precautionary measures like wearing a mask in public at all times, washings our hand frequently, and using hand sanitizer when washing is not available.” When wearing a face mask, Dr. Sanul explains it simply. “With the face mask, the idea is to cover the mouth and nasal area to decrease the exposure to potential viral droplets.

Dr. Lina Velikova from Supplements101 advises, “One of the most important things in this situation is personal responsibility. This means keeping physical distance at all times, especially indoors. Additionally, wearing a mask and gloves can significantly reduce the risk of getting the virus.”

“Have one thing in mind – once you put these on, there is no more touching your face or moving the mask. It has to be tight on your face to prevent droplets from reaching your mouth or nose. Each time you move the mask, you risk transmitting the virus directly to your face,” says Dr. Lina.

Dr. Leann Poston of Invigor Medical is a pediatrician and parent of two young adults who are currently working in childcare and retail since the epidemic began.

“They have established a routine, entering and leaving the house every day. Their cars are ‘intermediate’ as far as cleanliness because they are used to transport their belongings to and from work. People who are concerned can put their belongings in a bag as soon as they get in the car to minimize contact,” explains Dr. Leann.

Dr. Poston has some smart tips for using face masks.

Social Distancing

Every doctor expressed the importance of social distancing and maintaining six feet of distance whenever possible.

“The number of viral particles in the air and the length of time you are in contact with them are both important,” says Dr. Poston. “Short contacts at a grocery store are not as likely to spread the virus as an hour-long dinner in a restaurant.”

“Avoid large group gatherings and always maintain a healthy social distance six feet, if possible,” advises Dr. Sanul.

Keeping Things Clean

Additionally, Dr. Poston suggests, “Keep hand sanitizer in the car, along with paper towels to wipe off the steering wheel as needed.”

“Another important thing is to regularly clean your phone since you drag it everywhere and later on put it on your face. The best way to ensure it is virus-free is to use alcohol or other disinfectants,” explains Dr. Velikova.

“Wipe off your phone frequently,” advises Dr. Leann. “Use a lunch box with a wipeable exterior that you can clean when coming home.” For more information about keeping your phone clean, read Why You Need to Clean and Disinfect Your Smartphone.

“Wash your hands before leaving work, says Dr. Poston. “Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water. When you get home, take a shower and throw your clothes in the washing machine.”

For more information about how Shop LC is responding, read Shop LC Updates for Coronavirus.

Learn about how Shop LC is donating face masks to frontline workers.

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About Dr. Sanul Corrielus

Dr. Corrielus is a board-certified cardiologist with a successful private practice in Philadelphia, with affiliation to Temple University Hospital, one of the leading providers of cardiovascular care in the nation. Dr. Sanul is also a guest lecturer on preventive cardiovascular trends. He believes that the media is an effective conduit to provide preventive heart health education to the community where it counts most.

About Dr. Leann Poston

Dr. Poston is a licensed physician who holds an MBA and an M.Ed. Her career includes practicing pediatric medicine, mentoring medical students, and acting as Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine. Dr. Poston has an extensive background in writing articles for medical journals. Currently, she also works as a professional content contributor for

About Dr. Dr. Lina Velikova

Dr. Lina, MD, Ph.D. from Supplements101, has been working as a clinical doctor and a researcher for years.

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