Connecting Us to the Past

Both vintage and antique jewelry are having a major moment right now. These echoes of the past hold powerful memory and emotion. Many of us have a treasured piece that takes us to a happy place when we wear it. However, not all of us can raid grandma’s jewelry box or stumble upon a lucky thrift store find. What are we to do?

Designers across the spectrum have taken notice. Many are working these themes into their collections of heirloom-inspired jewelry. Expect 2020 jewelry trends to lean heavily into drawing inspiration from the past.

Amber jewelry is ideal for those wanting to complete a boho look on a budget. Whether you’re just dabbling or going all in, there are plenty of affordable options.

Assortment of amber stones on lighted surface.

Just some of the amazing amber the Shop LC team found in Tucson this year.

Crafting a Vintage Look

Amber leaves us spoiled for choice with a breadth of options. An organic gemstone, amber is a fossilized tree resin from millions of years ago. Due to this natural origin, you will find a range of hues. But, which amber is best for heirloom-inspired jewelry?

Closeup of amber necklace showing color range.

Amber comes in a range of honey hues!

A lot of contemporary amber jewelry sold in the US favors a transparent look. These are the pieces we find for sale now, but Americans have prized these styles for decades. It’s what mom and grandma would’ve worn, too. In a simple wire wrap or artisan worked setting, it’s a timeless counterculture look.

Amber jewelry often showcases ‘sun spangles.’ These are disc-like inclusions that reflect light for a little extra sparkle. Often, they are a happy addition from heating stones to improve their transparency.

Amber ring in sterling silver with filigree on shank.

Many amber stones feature ‘sun spangle’ inclusions.

For more antique flair, consider a cloudier piece of amber. These are more like the moodier statement pieces that our ancestors would have brought over from the “Old Country.” Try choosing objects with intricate artistry like beading and filigree for an authentic bijoux experience. Even today, it remains a European tradition and remains a preferred Continental jewelry choice.

Amber is an organic gemstone, and the best thing is no two pieces are alike. So, when choosing your future hand-me-downs, follow your heart. One of the best things about jewelry is how it conveys our personality and experiences. As you make your memories, you’re creating a modern heirloom for someone special you may have yet to meet!

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