— The holidays are nearly here! Luckily, Shop LC is here to help with our 2017 Holiday Gift Ideas. Check every name off your shopping list and save yourself the hassle of long lines, driving, and more when you choose to shop online and avoid the store. Instead, treasure the time you save as you spend it with friends and family.


Gifts for Him

Red garnet men's ring with gold finish.

Classic men’s jewelry features sharp geometric angles.

Men are notoriously hard to shop for, as popular lore goes. Whether that’s true or not, the Shop LC holiday gift guide has made it easy to buy special presents for the special men in your life. Discover an assortment of gifts for him that are sure to please. Consider these selections when choosing men’s jewelry.

  • Men’s Rings: A staple of men’s jewelry, a carefully considered ring makes all the difference between a lame or great gift. And don’t fret! Consult our guide to men’s rings as you select his new favorite piece of jewelry!
  • Men’s Watches: A bold and stylish timepiece is an iconic men’s accessory. Men’s watches are a safe and reliable gift, with options for every taste and style. Need a hand? Consult our quartz watch guide when making your first purchase.
  • Men’s Bracelets: Not as widespread a choice as a ring or watch, a bracelet is the perfect finishing touch to any casual outfit he might choose. With options in faux leather and stainless steel, these rugged men’s bracelets are as tough as he is.


Gift for Her

Pairaba apatite dangle earrings in sterling silver with gold accents.

Dangle earrings inject a dose of glamour into your day-to-day routine.

The ladies in our lives deserve it all. As mothers, spouses, sisters, or daughters, it’s important to show them you care. Our stunning selection of women’s jewelry gives you ample choice in choosing a special item that shows your affection. Think about these selections when you’re choosing a piece of jewelry for her.

  • Women’s Rings: Rings continue to be the most popular choice in jewelry, and for good reason! With endless options, choose a birthstone ring for a special touch. If she prefers something timeless, you can never go wrong with a diamond ring.
  • Stud Earrings: For active women, stud earrings are one of the best choices in jewelry. Simple but still elegant, a pair of stud earrings is a piece of jewelry that will travel with her through the day, from work to the gym and home again.
  • Dangle Earrings: Always chic and stylish, dangle earrings are great for gifting a professional. They inject a hint of glamor into business or casual ensembles, making them a versatile.


Classic and Favorite Gemstones

From the tireless efforts of our expert buying team, you’ll always get the best value on gemstone jewelry at Shop LC. A genuine gemstone is an excellent present they’re sure to treasure. Gems tell the story of our incredible Earth! Here are some of our favorites.

AAA tanzanite pendant in sterling silver with platinum finish.

AAA tanzanite represents only around 5% of all mined tanzanite.

  • Tanzanite: One of the rarest jewels available today. Our commitment to Low Cost makes them easily within reach. Give high-quality AAA tanzanite for a memorable holiday. For a fun alternative, check out peacock tanzanite!
  • Turquoise: American turquoise continues to be highly valued throughout the world, commanding top price. And with the close of the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine, it’s a stark reminder that supplies are limited.
  • Ruby: The stone of passion, gift ruby jewelry to your lover as a symbol of the fires of your heart made manifest. Burmese rubies are the best-known rubies, but there are many varieties from which to choose. Choosing a favorite is the hard part!
  • Emerald: Considered to be a stone of intellect by Ancient Egyptians, emerald jewelry fascinates us to this day with its lush and verdant hues. Often requiring a unique gemstone cut, emeralds are a classic and elegant choice.
  • Sapphire: Best known for its quintessential blue color, sapphire jewelry actually occurs in a fun variety of hues! Sapphire rings are a timeless gift, and we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide to choosing a sapphire ring.


Affordable Jewelry Collections from Shop LC

No matter the occasion, Shop LC has something to get you through holiday dinners, work socials, and more. Explore these exciting curated selections of hand-picked jewelry for the winter 2017 season.

Diamond cocktail ring in sterling silver with platinum finish.

Icy diamonds from the Snowy Whites collection.

  • Bonfire Nights: Bonfire Nights jewelry is all about vibrant fireworks, crackling bonfires and beautiful patterns of swirling sparklers. From the color of licking flames to cooling coals, find it all here.
  • Frosted Berry: Combining class, style, and brilliance, Frosted Berry jewelry offer fashionable must-haves every woman will enjoy. Discover these wine-soaked gems today!
  • Snowy Whites: Winter reminds us of snowflakes, frosty mountains, and icy blossoms. Inspired by winter’s magical look, become the fairest of them all with Snowy Whites jewelry.
  • Winter Blues: embrace the chilly season of snowy landscapes and cool blues with Winter Blues jewelry from Shop LC. These frosty gems cultivate sophistication with their mysterious and cool shades.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide from Shop LC

Are you ready to discover it all? Visit our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide today, and see what’s in store. Make the holidays memorable when you choose exquisite gemstone jewelry, on-trend accessories, organic and natural skincare, and more from Shop LC.

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