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Labor Day weekend makes the end of summer bearable. Fire up the grill and prepare to finish the season with these delicious recipes. You will definitely be the neighborhood favorite after this stunning cookout!
Grilled bacon jalapeno wraps.
Choosing a yummy appetizer is critical. You don’t want it to be too heavy, or everyone won’t be hungry enough for all of your other delicious dishes. You also don’t want it to take a long time to make. People get hangry, and it is not pretty! These jalapeño wraps are a crowd pleaser and you can do all of the preparation the night before.
Main Dish


Barbecue chicken in yellow bowl.
Barbecue chicken is a staple for any cookout. Have your guests bring their favorite barbecue sauce to customize everyone’s meal. If there are leftovers, shred the chicken and toss in a salad for the following week.
Baked three cheese macaroni in white bowl.
Adding a classic mac and cheese dish to the menu is a must. Its cheesy goodness will have guests coming for seconds. This dish is great for events because you can pop it in the oven while you’re tending to other tasks. But make sure you don’t get busy with something and forget about it!
Loaded baked potato salad in clear bowl.
For a yummy cold item, baked potato salad is a fantastic recipe. It’s a nice twist from classic potato salad, and it has bacon in it. Need we say more?!
Strawberry shortcake dessert on picnic table.
This recipe for strawberry shortcake is perfect at cookouts. It’s made in individual containers, so everyone can get their own serving of deliciousness! The best part is that you can use mason jars, which are charming for an outdoor event.
Strawberry lemonade in wine glass.
Instead of offering the usual soda or tea for drink choices, serve fresh strawberry lemonade to stand out. This recipe is easily customizable for the adults. Turn this beverage into delicious strawberry sangria by adding white or sparkling wine in place of six cups of water.
Celebrate Labor Day with a full and a happy tummy. This menu of scrumptious dishes will even impress the pickiest neighbor. After you treat your guests, treat yourself by taking advantage of our Labor Day Weekend Sale!

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