When you’re traveling during the holiday season, things can get hectic very quickly. From remembering if you packed your toothbrush to carrying all of the holiday goodies you plan on giving, there is a lot going on all at once. Even if you don’t actually feel put-together, you can look it with our holiday travel beauty tips below!

Ziplock bags are life (and luggage) savers

Not only are you required by TSA to keep your liquids together in one, but ziplock bags also make organization so much easier. They don’t take up any extra space, and you can quickly see what’s inside each bag. From hair bands to makeup sponges, there are plenty beauty products that need organization and easy access while you’re on the go!

Moisturize5 holiday travel beauty tips - moisturize

Did you know that the cabin pressure creates dehydrating effects? Think ahead by applying an intense moisturizer the night before your trip. This will help your face look and feel fresh and vibrant!

Pack all-in-one products

Packing products that multitask free up space in your carry-on. How about a tinted cream stain that can be used as a cheek and lip color or foundation with built-in sunscreen? By doing this, you’ll have a lot more room in your bags for that pair of boots you can’t live without.

5 holiday travel beauty tips - spongesAdd ice for puffy eyes

Traveling can make you lose sleep, especially if you have a lot of layovers and long flights. Combat under-eye puffiness by putting crushed ice in a washcloth and applying it under your eyes. It will make you look and feel immediately fresher after a long trip.

Avoid mascara and eyeliner

Embrace your naked lashes by skipping on the mascara and eyeliner while traveling. Why? The next time you take a little snooze on your trip, you might wake up with a trail of it running all over your face. Plus, it’s always easier to fall asleep when you aren’t living in fear of smearing it all over your face!

We hope these tips help you feel and look fresh for your holiday travel plans! Where are you traveling for the holidays? 

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