Host with the Most: Becky Booker
2009 The year Becky started at the Liquidation Channel
96.3 Her favorite radio station to listen to
32 The number of years she’s been in the jewelry industry
2 The number of years she taught diamond grading
How did you end up in texas?
There was an explosion in our building at the place I worked in Chicago. After the explosion, the building was condemned, and the store had to close down. At that point, I was all by myself up there. So I thought, “Forget this, I’m going back to Texas. I’m going back home.”
In the past you worked at a radio station.  How was that experience?
It was something that I’ve always wanted to do. Secretly, I’m a huge radio fan. Even now, I listen to the radio all the time. They had a position as a sales person at the radio station. I sold my first ad and just like most independent, mom and pop stations, I had to go in the recording studio and actually make the commercial myself. It was fun! Eventually I started doing a little bit of work on air, and I loved it.
Do you miss talking for radio?
I really do. I miss it because you get to communicate in real time. Fortunately, the LC has the same element now, too! We can receive emails from viewers in the studio as we’re on air. You can sit there and read them, and I know people are listening because there’s a conversation happening right then and there. I love connecting with the audience.
What makes you unique in your eyes?
My whole life, I’ve been that person who looks like someone you know. People will come up to me at the most random times and places and tell me that I look like their 4th grade teacher or brother-in-law’s baby sister or even dad’s hospice nurse. It used to make me crazy. But I guess that’s what I was meant to do. You know, have that connection with people. It’s the common thread throughout my life. It’s sort of like electricity, and it holds us all together.
What is your Favorite Gemstone?
I absolutely love quartz. My favorite of them all is the rock crystal quartz. It’s transparent and you can see all the cool stuff going on inside. But overall, I’m a huge fan of any quartz. It was the first thing that always caught my eye growing up as a kid. My grandfather had a farm in Central Texas and we would go down this hill to get down to a pasture. The sun would come at just the right time and light up the quartz in the field. Honestly, any gemstone just mesmerizes me.
Do you have your own collection?
I have a funky collection. It’s not large, but it’s just really interesting stuff that I’ve picked up over the years. It’s not even an expensive collection, just funky. But I have rocks tucked away everywhere. Up until a few weeks ago, I even had some tumble stones hidden away in my wallet!
What’s your favorite thing about working for the LC?
I love the way these guys are really invested in getting people a big value.  I also love that it really is a groovy place to work! The people here are amazing, and it’s so diverse. We’re like a symphony. Everyone is doing what he or she needs to get done and somehow, at the right time, it all comes together. There are so many different people with different jobs, and every single one of those elements is amazingly important. Everyone here seems to have enough freedom to have their own personality show through, and that’s really what make’s us all click. 
Any memorable moments with a fan?

Actually, I went to Ca
lifornia in February to the GIA campus. It’s a whole new campus from when I attended there, so we went on a tour. They have this really big cool campus now, so I went to visit and check it out. While I was there, I would check in on my Facebook page. This couple, Shawn and Shirley, living in the San Diego area, posted that they were going to a GIA tour that day. I was like, “Really?! I’m here now!” So we met up in the lobby and went on the tour together. It was just so cool to actually meet the people you connect with, especially since it was so spontaneous. I just love the way fans stay in touch. I think for me, making that personal connection is the most important thing, no matter what the situation.

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