Shop LC Has a Book Club?

The Shop LC Wellness Committee is an employee-lead group at Shop LC. The Wellness Committee wants to make Shop LC a healthy place to be. To do so, the team focuses on five pillars of wellness. These include mental, physical, financial, environmental, and social wellness. This month, we are emphasizing social wellness by starting a book club!

A book club reading together.

Studies show that if you have a best friend at work, you are more likely to enjoy your job and be involved. Plus, social wellness is a great way to encourage people in other departments to interact and find common ground. We spend the majority of our time with coworkers. For instance, finding a person with the same interests as you can boost your sense of community and happiness at work.

This month, the Wellness Committee began a book club. Participants read the chosen book and get together at the end of the month to discuss. From there, we will select the next book randomly from titles put in a box by those who want to participate. By having everyone enter a book title, there are many different genres and something for everyone to enjoy.

The book club is a great start to our social wellness pillar at Shop LC. Besides, it does not have to be a huge time commitment. Employees can choose to participate that month or not depending on their schedule. We are meant to interact and build relationships with others.

Also, focusing on social wellness at work is a truly important part of encouraging employees to develop relationships and find someone in the workplace that they can genuinely relate to. Besides, studies show that social relationships play a major role in a person’s health, and social isolation can lead to a higher risk of health problems.

The book club is the first new social initiative from the Wellness Committee at Shop LC for 2020. With new opportunities to socialize, we will cultivate new relationships and promote positive social outlets at Shop LC!

What book would you suggest for the book club? Tell us in the comments!

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