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How to Avoid Being the Office Grinch

Christmas is only days away. From office holiday bake sales to company holiday parties, the workplace is filled with festive opportunities. Although there are so many people spreading holiday cheer, we all know that one person who looks like they’re never having a good time. Avoid being the office Grinch by reading our festive tips!


Ask your coworkers what they are doing for the holidays. Maybe they have a family tradition that is dear to them. Showing you care about the people you work with makes this season feel even brighter.


Decorating the office (if management allows it) is a great way to show you’re not an office Grinch. Garnish your work desk with beautiful beaded pens and pen holder or a salt lamp that also purifies the air around you. From Christmas lights to advent calendars, decorating is a great way to add holiday spirit to the office. Attractive LED pipe lights make a great addition to the festive decorations. Find outstanding items like fiber optic lights, wooden pictures, mosaic lamps and more at Shop LC.


Adding a few up for grabs candy canes at your desk or rocking a Santa hat on Casual Friday during December are great ways to encourage a cheerful workplace. Depending on the rest of the office, you could even put on a few favorite holiday tunes during lunch hour.


Whether it’s an office potluck or the company foots the bill for a catered holiday party, nothing is merrier than food. Take it up a notch by asking people to wear their favorite ugly Christmas sweater!


The holidays are all about giving back. Avoid getting lost in the commercialism by getting the office involved with a charity. From volunteering as a team at a soup kitchen to hosting a toy drive for less fortunate children, there are several ways your company can give back this holiday season.

Shop LC gives you a great opportunity to give back through its One for One program. With each item purchased from Shop LC, you contribute to a child’s meal. What’s more satisfying than feeding a hungry child?


Not just another festive season, its time to relive happiness and togetherness. Show your love, respect, and admiration for your colleagues and family members by gifting them a small token of love and appreciation. Browse through our section of under $10 gift items and find the perfect piece for everyone.

Remember, it’s the little things that count! Hopefully, these tips will keep you from being the office Grinch. Happy holidays from Shop LC!

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