Weddings are stressful for everyone despite being one of the best milestones of our lives. While in-laws are figuring out the dynamics of their growing families, and the couple focuses on making the wedding absolutely perfect. Guests will, therefore, feel pressured to live up to an upgraded lifestyle.

As wedding guests, we should feel the need to help make the wedding perfect by being the best guests we can we can be. Here are 5 ways to be the best wedding guests.

1) It’s All About the Couple

It’s really easy to feel pressured to fast-forward your life when you are watching those closest to you tying the knot. It’s even easier to feel envious and bitter towards people finding the love of their lives. However, the point of the wedding is to focus on the love and focus on being there for the couple.

Couple kissing with guests congratulating them.

2) Your Plus-One

First of all, are plus-ones allowed? A plus-one is normally allowed if the wedding budget allows for it. On your RSVP card, you should indicate clearly whether you are bringing a plus-one or not (if the situation permits).

Plus-ones can be anyone (your sibling, cousin, friend, significant other, etc.). However, make sure that your plus-one will act appropriately. If you do plan on drinking, make sure they are aware that they are expected to take care of you.

3) Your Wardrobe

While some couples love casual, some love formal attire. When you are picking out your outfit, make sure your wardrobe fits their theme as that extra step is sure to make them feel appreciated. Make sure to ask if you are really unsure, as it will eliminate all miscommunication.

The biggest two no-nos are to wear something white (as that’s reserved for the bride) or wear something too loud (as that takes the attention away from the couple). As long as you stay fairly neutral in your closet, you are good to go.

Closeup of man giving red gift card to wedding couple.

4) Your Gift

If there’s a gift registry, use it! This is practical, and will definitely make them happy. If they don’t, think about the couple. If they are sentimental, go get them a collage of all of your favorite memories with them. If they are practical, get something useful for them to use around the house (for example, a set of nice dinnerware, some luxurious bathrobes, etc.).

5) Your Etiquette

Try to be on time for the wedding. The wedding planner and the couple have worked super hard to make sure that their day goes amazingly well! Plus, have fun! Brides and grooms take pride in making their wedding fun for and a great memory to share with their closest friends.

Wedding couple surrounding with loving guests.

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