Sleep Easy This Summer!

Summer is here, and that means beach days, pool parties, and making s’mores around campfires to your heart’s content! Of course, we know that it also means hot weather, in addition to longer days and shorter nights. For many of us – this still sounds pretty great! Just more time to do what we love and have fun. However, just because there are fewer hours of the night doesn’t mean we should start slacking on sleep.

Maybe I don’t need to tell you twice; this hot weather can make us drowsy, and taking naps in your cool, air-conditioned room is a great way to get away from the heat. Sleep is a welcome distraction, not to mention vital to our health! According to a recent survey study by the Better Sleep Council, “Poor sleepers were 3 times more likely than excellent sleepers to have been diagnosed with a medical condition in the last 12 months.” To enjoy your summer with no worry of getting sick, it’s important to remember to try to get good sleep.

With that in mind, here are 5 items to help you sleep soundly this summer.

Cozelle Teal 6 Piece Microfiber Swiss Dot Sheet Set (Full)

Teal bed sheet set.

Are your current sheets keeping you too warm? Sticking uncomfortably to your skin? Try these Cozelle Microfiber Swiss Dot Sheets. The expertly woven polyester fabric is breathable and lightweight, and most importantly, it keeps cool. This set comes in several summery colors, such as a warm mellow yellow and sunny sky blue. Each set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and four pillowcases: certainly enough to get you through the summer!

Pink Plumeria Handpainted Rayon Sleepwear and Loungewear

Hawaiian print sleepwear set.

In this weather, our trusty sweatpants don’t quite cut it anymore when trying to get some sleep. We need something breathable, something that will keep us cool. This hand-painted rayon sleepwear is Hawaiian-inspired and undeniably summery! The durable rayon fabric is comfortable, soft, and moisture resistant; perfect for keeping cool. The flowy, breathable design is both stylish and cozy, and the set can double as loungewear to wear around the house.

Humidifier, AirPurifier, Ionizer & Night Light Aroma Diffuser

Humidifier, AirPurifier, Ionizer & Night Light Aroma Diffuser.

On top of the heat, summer can bring about uncomfortably dry weather. To combat that, try this 4-in-1 Humidifier, Air Purifier, Ionizer, and Night Light! To help you sleep, this handy device will release a steady aroma of your favorite fragrance throughout the night. It also turns water and essential oil into cool moisture to refresh and purify the air you breathe. It’s immensely soothing and its night light feature has an entire 17 colors of gentle light to choose from.

Color Changing Night Light Lamp

Color changing night light.

Reading is a great hobby, but puts some people right to sleep! This night light has the perfect level of brightness to illuminate the pages of your book but not too much to keep you awake. Even if you don’t spend too much time reading, this lamp is useful. It has several color settings: some bright and good for a fun ambiance, and some pleasant and calming for sleep. It’s touch-activated and very durable, perfect for you or your child.

Value Buy Pursonic Sound Soother Sleeping Aid Device

Another great sleeping tool for you or a loved one is the Pursonic Sound Soother Sleeping Aid! It can play 8 soothing sounds and 4 gentle melodies, each one sure to lull you right to sleep. It’s battery-powered and has several timer settings: 15, 30, and 45 minutes. It even has an included clip for strollers and cribs if you plan to gift it to your child. This is the perfect gift for anyone who has trouble drifting off to sleep.

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