Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating the women who lift you up. This year, why not show these ladies how much you appreciate them all by throwing them the best Galentine’s Date ever? Here are five things you need to take your date from good to great in no time.


The official date of Galentine’s Day is February 13th. However, hosting it any time (except for maybe Valentine’s Day) is perfect for this event! This allows you and your friends to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones while making time to celebrate their loving and platonic relationships with you!

A calendar planner open to February 13th, Galentine's Day.


This should be the easy part – gathering your best friends to celebrate. From cousins to your best friend at work, it can feel overwhelming. A few things to keep in mind: you are hosting a Galentine’s Date to celebrate your relationship with each and every individual person there. To make the most out of this date, selecting people who make the biggest impact on your life is definitely the way to go.



 Now, consider the people you have invited. Are they more into fancy eating? Then, invite them to an upscale restaurant so you all can celebrate your love of food together. If they are more into a casual atmosphere, consider inviting them into your house! Either way make sure they feel comfortable in the venue that you have chosen. If you are feeling extra creative, consider decorating the space with some party banners, balloons and maybe even some glitter.

Three friends fist bumping at a party.


 Whether it’s going to an arcade together for fun or just a enjoyable dinner date, find an activity where all of you could have fun together and create memories with one another. My personal favorite is cooking food together because I strongly believe that food connects us all.



What better way to cement your relationship with one another than with matching jewelry? That way, they could wear it every day and be reminded of you. You could always pick out a theme and find a way to personalize the theme for everyone, making them fall in love with the jewelry!

If you are still looking for Valentine’s Day jewelry, be sure to check out these Love at First Sight necklaces. They come in 3 colors that is perfect for every girl (one in red, one in white, and one in pink). Get matching ones for your friends to remind them how much you love them!


Are we missing anything? Tell us how you’d plan the perfect Galentine’s Day date in the comments below!



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