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How to Layer Necklaces: Simple Tips and Tricks

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— Necklace layering is the new, effortless, and chic trend that every fashion influencer has been rocking lately. However, it can be intimidating when creating such a bold look, pairing different necklaces together, and making sure the pieces form a cohesive yet distinct look while ensuring that these accessories won’t wash out your outfit. No need to fret! Here are five insider tips when rocking the layered necklace trend.


Necklaces come in different designs and different lengths. For starters, learn the different lengths of necklaces available! Lucky for you, Shop LC has a no-brainer guide to help shoppers learn these different lengths, and how they’d look on an average girl.

Tip: Keep necklaces no further than 4″ apart for the best results.

After that, choose three different chains that are two to four inches apart. That way, you can lengthen your chest and torso without clutter. If possible, try not to go over four inches between pieces, as the dead space between the shorter and longer necklaces can dilute the effect you would want to create as you layer them.

Try experimenting with these styles first.


Bold rose quartz gems make this necklace a perfect statement piece.

Much like stacking bracelets, starting with your statement piece can help you focus on which necklace you’d like to enhance.  Choose your statement necklace by these factors.

Your medium necklace is often the statement piece. It’s the necklace that brings your shortest and longest necklaces together!


Think of your layering necklaces as theatre; you want your star to shine with the help of the supporting cast.  Complementary neckwear shouldn’t drown out your statement piece when creating a stunning look.

For your shorter necklace

This simple braided herringbone choker is perfect for your short piece.

For your longer necklace

A delicate teardrop pendant on a longer chain helps create the “V” effect.

You could endlessly play around with pendants, but it should create a long, overall “V” shape to emphasize the elongating illusion.  This effect creates the impression of a taller torso.


Layering necklaces should be a cohesive look, so matching chain material and color is the easiest way to achieving a bold and fashionable look.


Look at the chain that goes around your neck.  Are the three necklace chains matching? Do they have similarities with each other?  Using similar chains can create the illusion that you bought one, single statement piece, therefore making it easier to be cohesive.


Try to match warmer tones together, and cooler tones together.  You can tell which colors are warmer tones if they match better with gold (so reds, oranges, and yellows).  Cooler tones tend to match better with silver (think blues, greens, and purples).


Don’t be afraid to mix and match with pieces already in your closet!  Try incorporating older retro jewelry into your layered looks. Star signs, initials and birthstones make it feel personal. Either way, you should have fun with the trend while making it your own!

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