Take Your Halloween Costume from Drab to Fab

How to Make Halloween Costumes Trendy
You don’t have to buy a factory-made costume from the store to look fabulous this Halloween! Using items from your closet or even buying clothes to wear the rest of the year saves money and makes your Halloween costume a one-of-a-kind!
Yahoo recently released the top-searched Halloween costumes this year. Within the top 10 were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, pirates and Frozen’s Olaf. We are going to show you how regular clothes paired with a few accessories can create a trendy and unique Halloween costume!
Green shirt and purple denim pants with amethyst earrings and matching accessories.
This highly recognizable team of mutants has been around since the 80s, but it has really become popular due to the recent movie release. There will be plenty of mutant turtles this Halloween, but your costume will definitely stand out from the rest of the pack!
We chose Donatello, but with a few color changes, you can be any of the four turtles. Except for the shirt (which you can find at stores like Hot Topic, Spencer’s and here), all of these items are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Colored jeans are very trendy and add a splash of color to any fall outfit. The amethyst earrings are stunning and can be worn to your next office meeting. Complete the team by convincing your friends to be the other three turtles!
A white blouse, black pants, red scarf, black boots, black necklace and brown shoulder bag.
Pirate costumes are always a crowd pleaser. They are really fun to dress up as, and there are many different types of pirates that you can choose from. We went the Jack Sparrow route with this collection of items.
Leather pants are frequently seen on the runway this season, and we see why. When you find the right fit, black leather pants look very slimming and edgy. Nothing says “pirate” more than edgy leather pants. Well, with the exception of a cry of “Arrr!”
For Halloween, tie the scarf around your waist for a buccaneer look. After Halloween, you can sport your classy scarf for fall weather! In the movies, pirates always have some sort of jewelry around their neck. This black Spinel necklace definitely won’t look out of place as part of your costume. Lastly, no pirate’s outfit is complete without a place to carry your loot, so grab a brown shoulder bag to really look the part.
Woman in a white dress, with which accessories and orange jewelry.
Frozen is the highest-earning animated film ever made, so it’s no surprise its beloved character, Olaf, made the list of most searched for Halloween costumes. Lucky for you, an Olaf Halloween outfit is surprisingly easy!
Grab your favorite white dress and accessorize away! For instance, find orange jewelry like this gorgeous pair of earrings, watch and necklace. This will act as Olaf’s carrot nose (because who really wants to wear a carrot nose all night?). The other accessories should be white, since he is a snowman. To really complete the look, find a way to put oversized black buttons on your dress without ruining it. We recommend a little bit of double-sided tape.
Now you have three popular, yet unique Halloween costumes! Wear these items throughout the rest of the year, savingyou time and money. Remember to always add your personal style to make it yours. We’d love to see what you came up with, so feel free to share your photos with us on Twitter or our Facebook page!