Fashion Week is coming up and it is one of the most stressful time for fashion creatives. Here are the top tips from fashion experts and insiders to help you prepare for your next fashion week.


Your preparations to make the most out of Fashion Week should start at least a few months ahead of the runway time. That way, you have fewer things to worry about once Fashion Week truly hits.

If applicable, apply for your press badge/ photographer’s badge early

There are so many people competing to be part of Fashion Week. From designers to models to everyone in between, people will fight for those press badges to even catch a glimpse of the latest creations hitting the runway.

By applying to your press badges early, you will be able to plan out your week easily. This will decrease stress for the long run.

Expect to be rejected

It is nearly unheard of to get into every single one of the Fashion Week events on your first try, so expect to be rejected! There is nothing personal about being rejected, it’s just that some of the press badges are reserved for high-end magazines and important fashion figures, such as Vogue editors.

Don’t be afraid to network by cold emailing

If you are getting those rejection letters, don’t be afraid to keep networking. Somebody will eventually get you a pass somewhere, even if it’s for smaller-scaled designers. Don’t be afraid to ask around, network and be a little more aggressive in getting a press badge. Everyone would love their work to be shown, so unless they are really booked up, they will let you in!

Plan out your schedule

Once you have exhausted all of your options and got all of your press badges sorted out, make sure to plan your schedule. Some of the highest-ranked editors recommending to not overwhelm yourself by booking too many shows. A good rule of thumb is to stick to 2-3 shows a day and give yourself some time to relax and soak everything in.

Plan out your transportation

Getting around a city during its peak season is tough, so your organizational skills should be kicked into high gear at this point. You want to be comfortable enough where even if things go wrong, you have an Exit Strategy.

Taxis and cabs would be hard to come by. Make sure you either book a private driver for the week or look up public transportation. Do not rely on anyone else and make sure you give yourself options so you do less Googling on the spot.

Packing list

The two biggest things no one tells you about in the fashion industry is to pack for the weather and be prepared for an all-nighter. When Fashion Week hits, it could be extremely cold, so make sure you bring some appropriate clothing.

You should pack the following items in your day-bag:

  • Flats (to change out of)
  • Portable battery and chargers (to charge your batteries)
  • Facial wipes (for when your face gets greasy from the sweat and stress)
  • Large handbags/ backpack (for when you are running around all day)
  • Printed confirmations, tickets, routes, and maps (to help you navigate Fashion Week)
  • Notebook and Pens (to help you jot down ideas and take notes during the event)
  • Camera (to capture all the moments of Fashion Week)
  • Business cards (to network during the event)
  • Earphones (to help you relax)
  • Classic yet comfortable outfits (to run around all day)

Prepare yourself mentally

Whether it is training yourself to wake up at early times during the day or to take more time to relax and focus on the present, prepare yourself mentally. Fashion Week will be exhausting and you need to be at your best condition to thrive at Fashion’s biggest time of the year.


It’s the time of the event! Everyone is running around preparing for the next show and you automatically feel very lost. No worries – here are some other things to take note of during the day:

Expect to be rejected (again)

Everyone is stressed out, tired, mentally exhausted and physically drained from taking care of a million tasks in a day. If you were trying to press your luck and try to go to shows without a press badge, expect to be rejected again. It is nothing personal though! It’s merely because the designers would try to save space for the most influential editors and other important figures as a courtesy. Don’t take it personally! On that note…

Be respectful to everyone, even when people are not respectful towards you

Look – I cannot stress how tired people are. The more tired the person, the more likely they would be grouchy and accidentally come across as disrespectful. Never take it personally, and try to be the easiest person to work within the world. Your reputation is at stake during the event, so being respectful is the best way to be invited to bigger and better opportunities in the future.

Bring snacks, water, coffee, and be prepared to pull several all-nighters

Everyone wants to leak the first shot, publish the first story and even broadcast the first show when it comes down to Fashion Week. Therefore, be prepared to be running around all day with little to no food. Just remember to bring some essentials for the times when you really can’t stand it anymore and must snack on something to stay sane.

It is also important to plug out once in a while to make sure you are taking care of yourself though. If you really are feeling dizzy during the event, please go take a moment to charge your own batteries before coming out again!


You are there to build your repertoire, so try to enjoy yourself! The more you try to enjoy the event; the more likely people would come and try to network with you. Make friends! After all, we are all in this together.


It is now after Fashion Week, and you feel mentally exhausted. You’re not done yet though! You still got some final networking to do before the new season!

Be respectful when writing about others

Yes, you are technically a reviewer – but if you didn’t understand a style, you should not bash the designer. That way, it would help people feel more comfortable with inviting you to the next shows. Just remember that everything you do in the fashion industry is more like a long-run investment and that everything you do counts.

Take care of yourself

Make sure to do everything you can to rest and revamp yourself. You will be exhausted and drained, but just remember that taking care of yourself is key to getting yourself to the next fashion event!

Thank you’s and follow up

Now it’s time to get that networking effort to work! Make sure to thank everyone who has given you a press badge and follow up with anyone you had become friends with during Fashion Week! You never know – maybe they’ll know someone who could get you those press badges you know and love next time!

What are your best tips for surviving fashion week? Let us know down in the comments below!

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