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8 Easy Tips for Packing Smarter

As summer is quickly approaching, the traveling season is soon to begin. I am a notorious over-packer, but over the years I have learned how to dial everything back a little. After some research and experimentation, here is a list of the best ways to start packing better!

Plan Ahead

I used to be a chronic procrastinator and find myself packing way more than I need to. However, I now give myself at least three days to pack because it helps me feel more prepared. Plus, it helps me think of things I might have missed. It’s a big stress relief.

Check the Weather

There’s no point in bringing in bringing a ski jacket if it’s going to be 80˚F while you’re traveling. However, you should always prepare for the rain, so be sure to pack an umbrella, poncho, or rain jacket.

Check the Itinerary

What are you planning on doing? Are there formal nights? Do you need swimwear? Add those event-friendly outfits to your suitcase. The worst thing that can happen is that you pack everything but a swimsuit if you were going to the beach or pool.


After checking the weather and itinerary, start a checklist. This helps ensure that if you’re feeling stressed or lost, you have something that helps you focus.

My tip is to run through your day from start to finish. For example, I need my facial cleansing kit in the morning and evening, my chargers at night, my makeup and more. If you are bringing a lot of liquid, buy travel-friendly versions of your products. If there isn’t any available, buy travel containers to put your ponchos in. Another tip is to bring extra plastic bags. They are great for laundry, wet swimsuits, shoes and anything really.

Pack for a Week

If you are leaving for two weeks, you don’t actually need to pack two weeks’ worth of clothes. In fact, seasoned travelers recommend bringing only one week’s worth of clothes and do laundry during your trip. However, you should still consider an extra set of backup clothes just in case something rips, tears, or gets stained.

Two for One

You should look for opportunities to consolidate items if you are starting to struggle. For example, bring a maxi dress as it is suitable for both a casual walk on the boardwalk and a fancier dinner buffet.

Roll, Don’t Fold

To save space, roll up all of your outfits instead of folding them. Put all of the bigger rolls at the bottom of your suitcase and fill up the smaller spaces with the smaller rolls. This helps even everything out when you are packing, thus decreasing wasted space.

In Case of Emergency

Never fill your suitcase to the brim with outfits, as you will need the extra space for souvenirs. Whenever you pack up your belongings during the trip, it takes up more room since you are packing way more hastily so you don’t focus on packing neatly. Plus, it will help you avoid the hefty overweight charges!

Check out some of Shop LC’s tips for traveling. What are your tips on packing? Let us know down with a comment.

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