During summer, people often tend their gardens to show off their most beautiful flowers and plants. However, they still sometimes struggle with adding a few personal touches that make their garden a little more like home. Here are the top five tips for sprucing up your garden.

1) Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are said to originate in China and are used to scare away evil spirits around temples. Indonesian farmers later adapted wind chimes as a practical way to frighten birds from their farm and crops.

You could add wind chimes as a way to incorporate peaceful sounds in your garden as the wind blows. Wind chimes also add an interesting visual element, with their bright colors dancing to their unique songs.

blue wind chimes

2) Wind Spinners

If you are looking for something quieter that still utilizes the wind, look into getting a wind spinner. They are easy and give you no headache as you just merely place it in your garden. It adds a touch of playful youthfulness to your garden, and it’s an easy way to add some personality to your front yard.

bird and flower wind spinner

3) Birdhouses

Birdhouses are a classic way to instantly liven up a garden permanently. Historically, they are used by Native Americans to protect the bird populations during storms. Europeans were then inspired by the creation and innovated birdhouses to collect their eggs.

Regardless, it’s an easy way to add color to your garden while inviting nature in.

contemporary bird house

4) Flower Pots

If you have a lot of extra plants and need a way to add dimension and layers to your plants, look into getting a whimsical flower pot. it allows you to move your plants around with ease while allowing you to organize your garden better. For example, you could always categorize your vegetables with one type of pot while using other pots for your aesthetic plants. Long story short – it’s a must for any homey garden.

cute flower pots

5) Weather Vane and Thermometer

If you are anything like me, temperature dictates my fashion. A weather vane or a thermometer is able to give you the appropriate indications of the weather, thus making your garden extremely practical. Plus, both come in all sorts of fun and whimsical designs, adding an extra visual appeal.

weather vane with thermometer

Did you know that April is National Gardening month? If you are a beginner to gardening, definitely check out these valuable gardening tips! If you have your own gardening tips or have ideas as to how to make the outdoors area fun for kids, share them with a comment below.

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