A fresh blanket of snow can make any place look pristine and gorgeous. But no matter how beautiful it makes the winter look, snow is cold, slushy and sometimes it’s your worst enemy when it comes to fashion. Keeping warm and looking stylish can sometimes be difficult to pull off. Luckily, we are here to help you make those cold weather essentials look fashionable with a few styling tricks.

LayeringWinter Layered Look

If we haven’t said it enough, we’ll say it again: layering is essential to staying warm and stylish. When done correctly, you won’t have to sacrifice your warmth to look put-together.

To prevent the layers from looking bulky and cumbersome, opt for a belt to tie your whole ensemble together. Get more tips on layering in our Basics of Layering Style Guide.


When you’re outside, coats are pretty much the only way for you to express your style because it’s too cold to just wear what’s underneath. That being said, choosing the right coat is imperative. Taking a cue from the boys, this season’s outwear trend is all about chic oversized coats. Particularly, capes and ponchos are very trendy right now.

Belt a voluminous coat and pair it with polished pieces to make it look well thought-out. Another great tip is to take your outfit to a cool-girl territory with boyfriend jeans, a statement sweatshirt and fringed accessories. Boyfriend jeans not your style? Be sure to check out our Ultimate Jeans Guide to find the best pair for your derriere.

To keep your chic coat looking pristine throughout the winter season, be sure to waterproof it with Scotch Guard. You can find simple instructions here.


Did you know it’s very hard to keep your feet warm because they are farther from your heart than any other part of your body? This is why it’s very important to pick out the right shoes before trekking through winter weather.

It’s really easy to slip in slushy snow, so those cute ankle booties or ballet flats just aren’t going to cut it. Fortunately for you, we have gathered five functional, yet stylish snow boots that will get you to where you’re going fashionably and in one piece.


During the warmer months, we have the luxury of adding accessories to express our personality, complete a look or just because. During the winter, accessories like hats, scarves and gloves are essential to stay warm when it’s snowy.

J Francis Paisley ScarfLuckily, winter accessories can be just as stylish and expressive as summer adornments. The LC offers over 100 different scarves that look great for various occasions. The possibilities of how many looks you can make with this accessory multiply when you take into consideration the various ways to wear a scarf.

Beanie hats have gotten a lot of buzz this season. They are perfect for keeping your ears toasty and look great when you’re having a bad hair day. Check out InStyle for 17 of the Chicest Beanies for Winter.

winter fashionHopefully after reading this, now you don’t feel like you have to sacrifice style when the snow starts to fall. Do you have any snow-appropriate yet stylish gear that you adore? Share photos of you in your most fabulous snow attire in the comments section!