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How to Style Checks and Plaids?

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“Fashion is art and you are the canvas” – Velvet Paper

As the trends of the fashion world have it, classic patterns like checks, plaid, and ginghams are back on the rise and ready to populate your wardrobe must-haves.

Types of Checks

Although broadly categorized as checks, each of these patterns is slightly different.

Checks or Checkered

Squares of two different colors placed on an alternate position like a checkerboard.


Criss-crossing lines on varying widths and often of two or more colors. The vertical stripes match the horizontal ones exactly. Popularly seen in Scottish kits.


Inspired by the tartan pattern. Criss-crossing lines on varying widths and often of two or more colors. The vertical stripes do not always match the horizontal ones.


A single-colored yarn weaves a checkered pattern against generally white cotton-blend; causing a difference in transparency or saturation of color throughout the pattern. The crisscrossing lines are of exact same width.


Checks with notched corners. Often seen on coats and jackets.

Accessorizing with Checks: What accessories work best with this pattern?

The best ways to style checks, plaid, gingham and similar patterns are with color-block accessories that lend well to any size, color or type of checks. Checks are bold patterns that require eye-catching accessories with a plain yet contrasting color palette.


Pair your checks with solid-colored handbags and enhance your outfit

Soothing Blues and Greens

While the subtlety of pastel blues and seafoam lend well with predominantly gray checks and plaids, vibrant royal blues can make warm tone plaids stand out.

  1. Seafoam Satchel
  2. Pastel Blue Saddle Bag
  3. Royal Blue Crossbody Barrel Bag

Warm Reds and Yellows

These pairs perfectly to neutrals like beige, creams, or browns. The bright colors of these handbags amplify the earthy appeal of neutrals.

4. Coral and White Tote Bag

5. Red Hobo Bag

6. Lime Yellow Tote Bag


Sassy Scarves

The peppy hues of these plain and ombre scarves lend themselves well to contrasting navy blues and bottle greens of your favorite shirt-dress.

  1. Orange Ombre Scarf
  2. Yellow Ombre Scarf
  3. Hot Pink Scarf


Available in a variety of vivacious color blocks; both warm and cool, these watches offer you a pop of color to your minimalistic look. They’re the best partner for work attire.

Trendy Timepieces

  1. STRADA Austrian Crystal Japanese Movement Watch with Seafoam Band with Stainless Steel Back
  2. STRADA Japanese Movement Watch with Red Nylon Band and Stainless Steel Back
  3. STRADA Austrian Crystal Japanese Movement Watch with Orange Band and Stainless Steel Back
  4. STRADA Austrian Crystal Japanese Movement Watch with Green Band and Stainless Steel Back


Every occasion deserves the right kind of jewelry; a jewelry piece wins attention without overpowering your outfit. Whether it is the vivid blue of Arizona Sleeping Beauty turquoise or the sizzling fire of Mediterranean coral, adding these little punctuations of the zesty allure is sure to impress.

Breathtaking Blues

  1. Malgache neon apatite floral stud earrings
  2. Arizona Sleeping Beauty turquoise pendant
  3. Caribbean quartz bracelet
  4. Midnight fuchsia quartz heart ring

Ravishing Reds and Yellows

5. Burmese yellow jade bracelet

6. Mediterranean coral cluster ring

7. Oregon peach opal butterfly pendant

8. Sponge coral bracelet

Styling Tips for Checks, Plaid, and Gingham

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