Spring is officially here, so that means that the floral pattern is making an official comeback. In fact, it has made its mark in Spring 2018 Fashion Week by becoming one of the latest trends designers are incorporating into their designs. However, floral prints are often associated with delicate, feminine looks (such as gorgeous, flowy skirts, wispy scarves and beautiful dresses).

Shop LC has found ways to toughen up these traditionally “girly” patterns.



Woman in leather jacket and floral pattern skirt.

The leather jacket is often associated with tough guys as it was a symbol of rebellion in the 1950s. In fact, pairing any outfit with a leather jacket adds a tough vibe that hardens your look immediately.

However, adding floral patterns to the leather jacket is a great way to soften up the leather jacket while incorporating Spring into your outfit. It matches well with any casual outfits, as black is great for both cool and warm toned colors.

Styling Idea:
You can pair this the floral leather jacket with a white top and black skinnies. This creates emphasis on your show-stopping jacket.

Don’t have any floral jackets? Don’t worry; you can still be on board with this season’s hottest trend by pairing a plain leather jacket with a cute, simple, floral slip-on dress!



Leather jacket decorated with pins and brooches.

If you want extra bling for your leather jacket ensemble, try adding some pins or brooches to your outfit. What’s also great about using pins and brooches is that you can personalize this by finding your favorite floral pins.

Styling Tips
Add the pin and brooch to a plain, black leather jacket. This technique will focus all attention on your pin or brooch while staying stylish.

Also, find one that would be around 1.5 – 2” in size. This way, the pin would stand out and create fashionable style.



Floral tie with a suit jacket.

Want to show off your fashionista side? Try incorporating more than one of the Spring 2018 runway trends. For example, choosing floral ties would be another great way to add some class to your outfit. This would also mean that yet another “wacky runway look” can be shown off in your office as well! A tie is an effortless way to add class to your outfit.

Styling tips:
Pair a floral tie with a plain, long-sleeve collar shirt to your office look.

If you want to try something more casual, tie your loose floral tie around a crew or V-neck satin shirt and a blazer.



Woman in floral pattern skirt with solid black top.

Want something a bit more casual? Try pairing black with floral prints, or a black floral print. It contrasts the traditionally masculine with the traditionally feminine, which is a great way to draw attention to your outfit.

Styling idea:
Either pair a plain black tee with a floral pant, or plain black skinnies with a floral top.



Woman in floral dress with sheer back.

Sheer materials are also making an official comeback this season. If you want something a little less daring, try pairing flowers with sheer materials as it shows some skin in a classy way. The flowers add an innocent flutter that coincides with the sexier sheer material.

Styling tips
Going to a Spring or Summer formal? Try going for the sheer floral dress, as it’s flirty and sexy.

Want to bring it down to something a bit more casual? Try wearing a black tank paired with a sheer floral top as well.



Man wearing black floral print shirt with denim pants.

If the sheer and floral contrast is too intimidating, then dark denim is a great compromise. It adds a casual element that complements the sophisticated floral patterns. Plus, dark denim adds a little edge without being so tough that it drowns out the floral patterns’ effect.

Styling Tips:
Try pairing a dark denim jacket over a floral top. This allows the floral top pattern to peek through.

Want the floral pattern to take more of a center stage? Try pairing the floral top with some dark denim skinnies.


How are you wearing fashionable floral patterns this season?

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