Fashion influencers have been rocking the transparent, or sheer look everywhere – perhaps one of the most daring trends of the season. It’s sexy, it’s controversial, and it’s undoubtedly terrifying because it’s showing off a lot of skin. If you are struggling with how to make sheer look effortlessly fashionable, you are not alone! Shop LC has some styling tips and tricks to make sheer your next wardrobe staple!

1) Use of Outerwear

Keeping it Professional

If you are a beginner to the trend and want something a bit more modest, try layering a sweater or blazer over the sheer top. This covers more skin while allowing the sheer material peek through. It’s also extremely chic and can be office-friendly for those in the creative field.

If you want to go for a more professional vibe, add a pair of stunning stud earrings. Since sheer is a rather matte material, adding some bling would be great for adding that touch of luxury in the office. It’s effortlessly chic and so stunning.

Gem sterling silver earrings

If you want to go for a more casual look, definitely look into getting yourself a pair of dangle earrings, The dangle earrings pair well with the sheer texture as it is feminine yet fierce. Plus, it elongates your neck, which gives you the couture look you crave.

how to wear sheer clothing

Reverse It

If you are looking for something a bit more edgy and playful, try tucking a sheer top underneath a block-colored vest. This automatically gives your outfit a sporty vibe and the outfit pairs well with either sports leggings or jeans.

2) Plain Undergarment

Right out of a Magazine

If you read a lot of style magazine, they often style a sheer top over a plain undergarment. However, the more classic way to rock the sheer top is to have the sheer top drape over the everyday shirt. That way, it adds texture to the outfit without being too loud and distracting.

Styling Tips:

  • A bit nervous about how sheer your top is? Try pairing it with a plain camisole top to cover more skin
  • Feeling a bit more daring? Try rocking the sheer top over a bralette
  • Stack some bracelets to offset the sheer material’s softness. It adds an edge to your outfit

how to wear a sheer top

Dressing It Up

Looking for something fun yet sexy for your next date night? Try layering a regular pencil skirt with a sheer dress over. The dynamic creates a conservative yet sexy twist on the classic date dress outfit. The length of the maxidress covers your legs, while the sheer material gives a sexy sneak peek to the legs.

If you want to toughen up the date look, add a chunky necklace to create a contrast with the sheer material’s softness. It’s an easy way to immediately draw attention the upper body too, as the sheer material is a statement piece in itself.

*add a chunky necklace picture

3) Amping Up the Sheer’s Sexiness

Right out of a Nightclub

If you want something that pairs well with the flirtier sheer material, try pairing the top with some layered necklaces. The necklaces would help elongate your body while the sheer top adds a flirty flow to your outfit.

chunky necklace for sheer clothing

Overall, there is no way to wear sheer wrong. That is because sheer is a statement piece that can be easily layered to create drama in your outfit. But what is the biggest tip of all when rocking sheer tops? Confidence! As long as you confidently rock your outfit, no one would ever question it.

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