Trench coats have made their way to the runways of 2018. It’s one of the trendiest styles today. Just slip it on and voila; there’s no need to think that you’re stuck with the typical camel coat. Trench coats are available in a selection of textures, colors and even silhouettes that are all worth trying.

From sprint to summer, and fall to winter, a trench coat is a staple piece of clothing that never goes out of style. The key to perfecting your look while wearing a trench coat is by pairing it with the right accessories and layers of clothes beneath. Before we get into styling tips, let’s start with the basics of next level trench coat designs, textures, and styles.

Trending Trench Coat Styles

Contrasting Colors and Fabrics

woman wearing contrasting color trench coat

Contrasts always work! It’s one of the best ways to add innovation to a classic trench coat when dressing up. The sliced and diced look makes it an easy choice.

Upbeat Cropped Coats

woman wearing red trench coat

A classic outline in a bold color from red to pink is a cool way to introduce some color into your rainy-day wardrobe.

The Perfectly Fit Double-Breasted

woman wearing beige trench coat with flowers

If you love to splurge, the double-breasted style is a great investment. Classic, versatile, and glamorous, this trench is an ideal choice for an upscale look.

The Classic Button Front

woman wearing beige trench coat

A button front with an open V-neck collar brings the classic mood of the 60s. This is one of the most trusted styles you can wear.

Sleek and Shiny Leather

woman wearing leather trench

This glossy go-to and glamorous piece is a bold add-on to your favorite pair of jeans and killer shoes.

Gently Draped

woman wearing draped trench coat

The undone slouchy approach of this trench is an excellent way to carry your carefree style. Choose it for a casual approach.

Quick Styling Tips

1) How do I wear a Trench Perfectly?

The fit is vital, work on the shoulders and sleeves. Make sure they are not too wide or too long. Also, give consideration to the collar. It should suit your body shape. with nothing appearing over-sized.

2) A cute dress of yours deserves to be shown off…

…so make sure to carry a trench coat by tying its belt in the back. It will offer exposure to your outfit.

3) Knots

If you are wearing a pair of jeans with a sweater, style your trench coat by tying it in the front/ A simple knot will offer a laid-back effect.

4) Let it shine!

A great way to create a statement with a statement trench is to let it be the focal point of your outfit. Just dress it over your favorite little black dress, buttoned up to the top, complementing with coordinating footwear to finish off your look.

5) Be bold

It’s good to have some colorful trench coats for a lively makeover. Red, pink, pastels or blues are some of the trendiest colors to look for.

6) Length Matters!

Take care with the length of your trench coat. If you are petite, make sure your trench coat is short, with a maximum length going to the knee.

7) Balancing it Out

The double-breasted trench coat is not the best choice if you have a full bust. They will enhance the width of the upper body.

8) Casual Rocker

My favorite, wear a trench coat over your shoulder, similar to a cape for a rocking street style.

9) Glamorous Night

Trench coats can make a glamorous choice for the evening too. A lace dress and a pair of classic heels with a trench are perfect for adding a “wow” factor.

10) Rainy Days

It’s raining and you are heading out. Carry your trench coat with leather leggings finished with a pair of riding boots.

Popular Accessory Choices for Trench Coats

Wondering how to style your trench coat? Look no further for inspiration – here are some suggestions worth splurging on!

Bling Out with Handbags

two women wearing trench coat with handbag

Handbags are always one of those must-have accessories. The most difficult part is how to carry them with different looks. Here are few of my favorite options when sporting a trench coat.


Carefree, cool and cute, a backpack makes an excellent companion to any of your favorite trench styles. Hang it from one shoulder for adding a refreshing vibe to your casual outfit.


If you own some classic colored trenches, a designer satchel is a solid and trendy partner. Small handles are perfect to hold your bag for a glamorous look. Or use the long strap when you are out shopping with friends.

Crossbody Sling

Buckle up your trench coat and flaunt your sling bag with crossbody strap. Choose any shape, design, and color you love!

Spicing Up with Scarves

Scarves fit the unique style of every woman. There are plenty of pieces in our wardrobe that we know and love. But which is the best one for your trench coat? Here are my ideas:

Floral Prints

An all-season favorite, floral prints never fail to impress. They make an excellent choice when it comes to single colored trench coats. They add freshness and the perfect pop of color. Wrap them around the neck for a refined look. Or go for a retro look by making a high bun and style it with a scarf head wrap.

Geometric Prints

They are elegant and classic. They make a great match to the subtle flair of a classic trench coat. Style it as a neckerchief with an open trench or hang your scarf open for a more casual look with a V-neck trench coat.

Personalize Your Look with Jewelry

It’s cliché to say, but we love them for their sparkle. They are just the last thing when we want to make a statement. Still, when it comes to an appearance that is a mix of sophistication and glamour, we find ourselves a little stuck. So, check out my choices for some instant inspo:

Necklace or Pendant

For a V-neck or an open trench, a pendant makes an excellent choice by offering an elegant approach. A collar necklace looks absolutely fab for a casual vibe.


Studs are the best! Classic, simple and colorful. You can wear them with any trench style. They suit every taste. Hoops are also a great option for a more playful feel. With a bold color trench such as red or pink, earrings make an excellent accessory.

woman wearing trench coat with handbag

Share your top trench tips in the comments below!

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